Video Music Awards provides celeb fashion tips


After the recent airing of the VMAs on September 12 the question of what
is ok to wear and not to wear arose as the stars rolled into the red
carpet. Shows on E! (eg. The Fashion Police) give no credit to many
stars who to attempt to dress “uniquely” at the red carpet, so why do we
go and copy these crazy styles?

The fault does not belong entirely to the VMAs. There are many award
shows that bring along fresh ideas about fashion. Every award show and
big event brings pictures of celebrities and money-making personalities
with new styles and fashions. As fun as it is to criticize and copy
artist’s styles, we end up dressing just like these celebrities.

These stars try to “pop” on the red carpet. They want to be different,
and try and make a statement. As fans we do not find our identity in the
same way the celebrities do, but we follow in their footsteps.

On Sunday, Katy Perry, was seen wearing different colors in her hair and
Lady Gaga wearing a dress made out of raw meat. I hope that I never
encounter Lady Gaga in person, because the smell of that meat and the
rage that PETA must have for her, would not make her fun to be around.
Lady Gaga is the only one who could pull that stunt off. She is always
trying to prove a point with her clothing.

Ke$ha made her own dress out of black garbage bags in an attempting to
stand out. Although Ke$ha is not one of my favorite artists, I think her
dress was a bold idea that showed the idea of “going green.”

There are always extremists in fashion. Celebrities run the gamut, from
those that seem like they don’t care about dressing up, all the way to
the ones who tried a little too hard.

These are radical ideas to prove points. Celebrities are able to do
things that you would be sent to a mental hospital for doing. Even so,
some things are made to be worn only on the red carpet.
Our influenced styles do not come solely from the red carpet, but also
to the magazines and tabloids we read on a daily basis, even
involuntarily. When we are standing in line to pay for our milk at the
grocery store, we see Brittney Spears on the cover of PEOPLE magazine
with statements about “how bad she looks in those jeans!” It pops into
our heads that if Britney shouldn’t wear those jeans, we shouldn’t
either. Yet, if we see that Rihanna can pull a pink puffy 80’s skirt on,
we decide that if it looks good on her it will look just as good on us.
I grew up hearing the spanish phrase “en la moda lo que te acomoda”
meaning, “in fashion what suits you best.” We were all made with
different bodies. We have different shapes and sizes, and we must learn
that some things won’t look great on us.

We have to find our style, what suits us best, and rock it. Once you
realize something looks great on, you can start to come to terms with
your unique style. This is where you real identity comes out and when
you start being you, instead of Rihanna, Lady Gaga, or Katy Perry.

Go ahead and add a little color to your hair if you want to add some
originality to your look. Why not add some of your favorite color?
However, I would say you should not show up to chapel looking like the
Lucky Charms guy attacked your head. If you want to be creative and
support a cause with a daring outfit, go ahead! It is always bold to be
able to make a statement with what you wear. Just refrain from harming
any animals or smelling bad.

If you decide to do any of the stunts just mentioned, make sure you do
it with all the confidence in the world, no matter your style. Nothing
is sadder than seeing a good outfit on someone who wants to be
invisible. If you are going to make a fashion statement, do it all the
way, because you are making the statement. No one, not even a celebrity,
can make it for you. Be proud of your own ideas.