Women ‘Surrender Their Secret’ about abortion

In a new reality television show, five Christian women who have undergone an abortion procedure will broadcast their abortion healing based bible study.  The show, titled “Surrender the Secret,” is set to air on January 22—the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.


In the span of ten episodes shown on KnockTV, a new online Christian television network, Jill, Vanessa, Courtney, Jane and Kelly seek to heal from their abortions through dialoguing with one another and experiencing God’s forgiveness.


“We see them coming to the show with the pain and the grief they have, and we see them come through to the healing and forgiveness of God,” president and CEO of KnockTV Geoffrey Rogers said in an article on The Christian Post.


The purpose behind “Surrender the Secret,” according to Rogers, is to show women suffering from the consequences of abortion that there is a “light at the end of the tunnel” and to send the message to all women that abortion is not the answer if one finds themselves with an unwanted pregnancy.


“As you work through the Bible study, you kind of have to go backwards instead of moving forwards, so you look back at some of the choices that brought you to your abortion,” Jill Marquis, one of the women featured on “Surrender Your Secret” said in an article on The Christian Post. “You talk about your anger, including your anger at the people who may have been involved with your decision. You deal with forgiveness, receiving Christ’s forgiveness and forgiving others.”


Along with addressing forgiveness, the women on the show also discuss the belief some have that their decision to abort their child will lead to God punishing her by causing her to lose her next child.


Upon first hearing about this reality show, I was uncomfortable with the title.  Many Christians feel as though they are unable to voice certain aspects of their lives because of how the Church views these sins specifically. Rather than a community serving the purpose it should— giving individuals a place to be loved and accepted— individuals feel they must keep those areas of their life a secret.


Seeing the word “secret” in the title left me feeling uneasy. However, I think this is exactly what the show is aiming to put to an end.  By allowing dialogue to occur about an issue that is so “hush hush” in Christian communities, the producers and the women who are on the show are expressing that this issue is not something that has to, or should, be kept a secret.


It is my belief that if healthy discussions can start taking place regarding taboo issues in the Church, we will benefit our communities immensely.  The Church should be the first place an individual feels comfortable discussing abortions, human sexuality and the like, but instead it has become a place where individuals feel they must hide those aspects of who they are.


My attempt at writing this article is not to voice my opinion on whether abortion is or is not okay, nor do I have a thorough opinion on the show itself since episodes have not yet aired.  I do, however, feel strongly that dialogue surrounding serious topics needs to start taking place. This is true not just for the Church at large, but for the APU community, as well.


For individuals who have had an abortion, or for individuals who know someone who has, know that it is with strong conviction that I say that God’s forgiveness covers all.  Nobody, especially within Christian communities, should feel as though any action is meant to be kept in secret.


As the women on this reality show prepare to surrender their secrets, I hope that individuals on this campus also feel comfortable sharing their experiences with the communities around them.  We are all broken people, and I believe beauty and forgiveness can result from brokenness.