Competition for Donut Man is coming soon

Dunkin’ Donuts announced that they will soon be making their highly anticipated expansion into Southern California. Dunkin’ Brands CEO Nigel Travis stated in a press release that the company will be opening franchises in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, San Bernardino, Ventura and Orange County areas.

Dunkin’ hopes to place their shops in “non-traditional venues” such as universities, supermarkets, casinos and military bases. Currently, the only Dunkin’ Donut shop in California is located on the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base Camp near San Diego. Dunkin’ Donuts does not plan on opening the rest of their shops in the Southern California area until 2015.

Although 2015 may seem far down the road, many students are already anticipating the arrival of these delicious treats.

“I’m excited because I’ve seen so many commercials about it and now I’ll finally get to see one in person,“ junior music major Ariel Raudez said.

With Dunkin’ Donut’s presence in the Southern California area, some may wonder if APU students will stray away from their loyal support of the nearby donut shop. Donut Man, known for it’s convenient 24/7 business hours, is frequented by APU students at all hours of the day and night. It is located in Glendora and has been featured on The Food Network, The Cooking Channel and many other national television networks. Often recognized for its famous Tiger Tail Twists, Donut Man has an established reputation amongst APU students and is a popular stop for alpha groups and freshmen hall events.

The strong presence of mom-and-pop style shops in the area is why Dunkin’ Donuts originally vacated California territory. According to Laist, Dunkin’ Donuts found itself forced out of the area because of the powerful presence the local donut shops, such as Donut Man, had.

“I do like how Dunkin’ Donut gives away the extra donuts at the end of the night, but I really enjoy Donut Man’s dedication to the donut, and not its dedication to taking over the donut industry and commercializing it,” junior social work major Jordan Boeskin said.

Freshman biblical studies and christian ministry double major Ben Miller is from the Chicago area where there are a number of Dunkin’ Donut locations. He believes that overall the quality of Dunkin’ Donuts reigns supreme over that of Donut Man. In particular, he appreciates their coffee and donut holes. Despite this though, Miller said that he would not choose Dunkin’ Donuts over Donut Man.

“I like Donut Man because it’s open 24 hours. I feel like it’s more communal, a better hang out spot,” Miller said.

Sophomore psychology major Thalia Diaz noticed the numerous Dunkin’ Donut locations while visiting the East Coast. The East Coast Dunkin’ Donuts are like Starbucks—located on every corner. Although Diaz thinks Dunkin’ Donuts is a good establishment, she does not plan on going to it frequently.

“I think I would feel guilty leaving Starbucks and Donut Man for Dunkin’ Donuts,” Diaz said.

Travis said opening Dunkin’ Donut shops on the West Coast is a big step for their company. One of the most frequent questions he is asked is, “When will Dunkin’ Donuts open in California?” and, “some big-name celebrities have even made pleas on national TV for us to bring our famous coffee to Hollywood.” The company has simply been waiting for the right time to bring the franchise to California. The company also plans to continue growth throughout the rest of the United States, opening 330 to 360 new stores in 2013.

Although Dunkin’ Donut may be able to see success in the Southern California area, it seems that APU students will continue to remain loyal to the 24 hour convenience and manageable prices of Donut Man.