‘Flashback Tuesdays’ bring back the classics

The Film Club and Regency Theater at Citrus Crossing have teamed up to hold Flashback Tuesdays for the months of January and February with the theater providing discounted showings of classic films.

Every Tuesday night at 7:30 p.m., Regency Theater has a $6.00 admission fee for the showing of a classic film. The last three weeks have included such films as Raiders of the Lost Ark, Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Each showing is preceded by games that include trivia and costume contests for prizes from local businesses. Students who participate receive gift cards for Chipotle, Gamestop, Applebee’s and more.

Junior cinematic arts major and President of the Azusa Film Society Brian Hartley says that the event originated from a meeting he had with Regency Theater employee, Joe Faggard.

Faggard, who had been searching for a way to connect with APU, suggested that the Film Society host discounted showings of classic films on Tuesday Nights. Hartley then compiled a list of potential possibilities and together with Faggard picked the films that would be shown.

Hartley says he hopes that the event will be more than just a discounted film for students.

“We’re trying to make an experience, not just a film to go to,” Hartley said.

Faggard adds that these showings are different from a traditional trip to the movies.
“It’s not come in, sit down and shut up kind of movie. It’s a time to sit down, relax and have a little fun,” Faggard said.
The event has already created some consistent attendees. Junior cinematic arts major Jeff Holmes has attended every showing so far and plans to continue to attend every week. He says he goes because he enjoys going to the theater with friends and receiving prizes for trivia.
“We get so bogged down in our school work this gives us a great opportunity to schedule some social time with friends. It is the most inexpensive movie you will ever see and it makes for a great social outing,” Holmes said.
Hartley and Faggard both believe that a film is enhanced when it is shown in a theater. Faggard sees a major difference between watching a movie on a TV or a laptop alone and seeing it on the big screen.
“You don’t get that crowd reaction, the community reaction where everybody shares a moment of laughter, emotion or scariness,” Faggard said. “It’s something that’s heightened when somebody’s right next to you that’s watching the same thing you’re watching.”
Events like these go hand in hand with the mission of the Azusa Film Society.
“The goal of our club is to get people just to love and appreciate film,” Hartley said.
The films will run every Tuesday night until the end of February with films like Serenity, 16 Candles, Back to the Future and Young Frankenstein remaining.


“I’m going to be really sad when it’s over; I may just start inviting friends to my house to fill the gap,” Holmes said.
Hartley says that after this event ends, he plans to continue to collaborate with Faggard for new events. As a member of the Theater, Film and Television Department, he sees this as an opportunity for film students to get involved by pushing for student made films to be shown at the Regency Theater.
“We want to make a premiere that’s accessible for APU students to come out and see what student films are being made in their community, that’s easily available and cheap for them to go to,” Hartley said.
Faggard says he supports the idea, and hopes that a premiere like this will allow students to come together and see what their classmates are producing.

As for now, there are still Flashback Tuesdays available.
“Whether you make it a date night or just a scheduled hang-out, you should absolutely try it,” Holmes said.