All laughs for APU Twitter accounts

If you’ve spent even a day on APU’s campus, one is bound to hear one of two things: the “ring by spring” mentality and how attractive the student body is. Although some students fight hard to reject these statements, others embrace it and choose to find humor in it. This attitude has found itself a home in the Twitter sphere.

Since the past fall, two APU-inspired Twitter accounts have hit the scene- APU Hot Girl Problems and She_Wants_The_R. Both creators wish to stay anonymous but express that all tweets are done with the intention of humor, not to offend anyone.

“I’m sure there are people out there who take it wrong. We are definitely joking,” She_Wants_The_R creator said. “I’m sure there are people who see a tweet and take it offensively, but a good 80 percent of our follows are women and they are the one who favorite us and re-tweet. That was the key- that is wasn’t just a bunch of guys laughing about it.”

For both Twitter accounts, the majority of followers are women— the audience that these accounts appear to be poking fun at. It is having women on campus favorite and share the tweets that encourages both creators that it is seen as all fun and games.

“I don’t want people to see this as me saying that everyone is like this or in a way that is hurtful,” APU Hot Girl Problems creator said. “I want people to realize that I love the community I’m in and I value all the people I have come into contact with. But valuing them doesn’t mean I’m not going to think some of the things they say aren’t funny.”

And it is the community that is engrained at APU that supplies both Twitter accounts with their material. Although both creators have help from their friends, most of the content they post is a result of situations and conversations they have experienced themselves.

“It’s all been personal experience or things I’ve heard from people or things I’ve seen,” APU Hot Girl Problems creator said. “Sometimes I tweet what girls have said or done to me, or situations that I walk by and thought were ridiculous.”

The intentions may be good and responses from women specifically positive, but this is not necessarily the way everyone responds to the accounts, especially She_Wants_The_R. Rumors were circulating that Residence Life got involved to encourage the creator to discontinue the account. Although the creator set the story straight by explaining this was untrue and no contact had occurred between Residence Life and himself/herself, situations like this have occurred with other accounts.

“There was another Twitter account that Residence Life shut down, The Dirty South,” She_Wants_The_R creator said. “Too many people had access to it and there were too many inappropriate things on it so I agreed with it getting shut down.”

The creator explains that since few people have access to this account, it is much easier to control and has therefore survived the chopping block.This has not started other individuals from creating accounts in opposition of She_Wants_The_R, though.

An account called He Ain’t Got the R @RinglessSpring, with a picture of Rosie the Riveter as the icon, takes much of what She_Wants_The_R posts and changes it to express an independent woman attitude toward the topic. She_Wants_The_R follows this account and the creator expressed that he/she thinks it to be funny.

Although no harsh feelings have been expressed about the APU Twitter accounts, a claim could be made that these accounts say more about the individuals creating them than anything else. APU Hot Girl Problems creator has been accused of being bitter toward women.

“There is some bitterness involved. There has to be,” APU Hot Girl Problems creator said. “But I think a lot of good writers are fueled by the things that they went through in their lives or situations they’ve been apart of and putting their own outlook on them. It’s partially bitterness and it’s partially just laughing at what I see. I’m sure some of it is completely bitter but it’s really more half and half than anything.”

Despite the negativity that may come with certain aspects of the Twitter accounts, both creators agree that their Twitters blow things out of proportion, which adds to the humor of it.

“I definitely think it’s [engagements in college] a little more than most campuses definitely but I think it’s hyped up,” She_Wants_The_R creator said. “And it’s funny because we over do it. If it was true, it wouldn’t be as funny.”

The creator also explains that it may become more of a reality as he progresses through APU. With three of his/her friends engaged currently, the numbers are bound to rise during his/her final year.

“It’s overdramatized for sure. Why do we love Mean Girls? There’s some truth to it but it’s overdramatized because it makes it funnier,” APU Hot Girl Problems creator said. “I have seen the ridiculousness. If it hadn’t been any, there wouldn’t have been a point for me to start this. It is blown out of proportion so I hope people see that. It isn’t real life. It is just us trying to have fun.”

Despite the drive for humor alone, both creators wish to stay anonymous and will continue to do so during their time at APU.The people closest to them know they are behind it, but beyond that, their identities have stayed under wraps.

“I think there are people who know my sense of humor and even some professors who know my style of writing and look at it and know it’s me,” APU Hot Girl Problems creator said. “But I think it’s pretty hidden to people. I do get accusations almost every day, though.”

Both creators are committed to keeping the accounts running until their graduation date. They both hope that they can pass it on to someone to take over once they graduate.

“I’m going to leave it open to anyone who wants to keep it going. This could be something that lasts for a long time,” APU Hot Girl Problems creator said. “If I come back in four years and it’s still going, I’m going to laugh a lot. If it doesn’t, that’s fine, too. I just thought it was a good idea for the time.”

For now, both creators would love to add more followers to their accounts. Currently, She_Wants_The_R has 62 followers and APU Hot Girl Problems is at 105. By following them and sending in ideas, you may see your tweets reposted.