Couple takes on the LA marathon

While some were out celebrating St. Patrick’s day, others ran from the Dodgers Stadium to the Santa Monica Pier in this year’s LA Marathon course.

The 27th annual LA marathon, held on Sunday March 17th, had around 22,000 runners. Among theses runners were couple junior applied exercise science major Katie Schlotzhauer and sophomore music major Jarred Olson, who ran the full 26.2 miles side by side. From those dressed in every shade of green and tutus to even one in a superman costume, all the participants were out to accomplish the 26 mile stretch that is the LA marathon.

This runner relationship began one month and two weeks ago. Olson was Schlotzhauer‘s flag football coach but they became closer through running. At a get together with runner friends she started talking about how she had registered for the LA marathon.

“It has been on my life check list to run a marathon, I wanted to run, plus she [Katie] is kinda cute,” Olson said.

After they registered, they began training together and it was a match made in runners’ heaven. Where some would not even think about working out with a significant other let alone run over 26.2 miles, Olson and Schlotzhauer enjoy having each other’s company on long runs.

“To me, Katie is an awesome motivator; it makes it more fun,” Olson said.

This was the first marathon for both of them and they trained rigorously to be prepared. Their worries before the marathon were how sore they would be. Having completed twenty miles in three hours and forty five minutes, Schlotzhauer expressed how sore her knees and feet were.

“The biggest struggle is having to keep running [because] when you stop [you begin] to cramp up,” Scholtzhauer said.

They planned on sticking together during the race no matter what. They both had the goal of never walking and to complete the race in under five hours.

“I know I will need Katie’s encouragement,” Olson said.

The couple completed the marathon in four hours forty one minutes and thirty four seconds, meeting both their goals. As planned, they ran side by side the entire race.

“For me, my favorite part was all the cheering, support, music and also the last mile because we ran it pretty fast,” Schlotzhauer said.

The soreness however is both of their least favorites.

“We can barely walk,” Scholtzhauer said.

To recover, they plan on drinking a ton over water, icing and “sleeeeeeep,” the couple said.

“I felt so accomplished and relieved, but I also couldn’t feel my legs,” Scholtzhauer said.

Both Schlotzhauer and Olson enjoyed finishing the LA marathon. The couple expressed that they enjoy having something to look forward to, a goal they can accomplish together and believe they will continue to run together and perhaps run some half marathons.