Men’s Tennis Remains Undefeated

For it’s 19th consecutive win, Azusa Pacific’s Men’s tennis team swept Point Loma 8-1 on Friday, April 5. The Cougars won all doubles matches as well as the first five singles contests. The first pair to take a doubles victory was Senior Whitman Hough and Junior Frederik Wilkens with an 8-2 win.


The constant encouragement vocalized by team members makes it obvious that the team has a strong bond.


“This has been one of the most fun years playing,” Hough said. “This is a great group of guys and everyone encourages each other.”


Senior Whitman Hough is enjoying his final matches with his teammates before he graduates. Instead of focusing on his personal record he finds the teams record to be most significant.


“The wins and loses matter for the team but the most important thing for me is doing my best,” Hough said.


Freshman Jan Meyer kept his perfect record as he beat Jakob Kevelaerts 10-8 while Ben Eger defeated Bram Kevelaerts 10-8, making it his 18th win for the season.


The men’s team was not the only ones that out performed Point Loma on the courts. The women’s team beat the Sea Lions 6-3 for their final regular season match.


“The last time we played Point Loma, all the doubles matches were very close,” junior Kim Koetterheinrich said. “This time we played at home so it helped we didn’t have to travel to compete.”


Koetterheinrich and her partner Brejohn McCrary had an easy win, beating their components 8-3. The two contribute their success to teamwork and strategy.


“I depended so much on Kim today,” junior Brejohn McCrary said. “They didn’t expect us to switch our doubles teams around so we surprised them by doing that.”


In singles, Emily Harris registered a 6-1, 6-4 win against Nina Gajdosikova at No. 1, while Danae Ingwaldson fell to Michelle Dandik 6-0, 6-4 at No. 2.


For this match, the APU athletics department supplied a BBQ, creating a fun environment for fans and spectators. In previous matches, the cheering heard from the Smoking Aces, the tennis team’s official fan club according to Facebook, has been a crucial component for keeping spirits high on the courts.


“This year, more people know members of the team and about the game in general,” Hough said. “There is a culture behind the sport and people on campus are catching on.”


The men will close out the regular season with a Saturday morning match against BYU-Hawaii and Monday afternoon against Biola.