Not So Bad News Bears



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The Acro & Tumbling team holds on for a victory against Baylor.

On Thursday, April 11 the Acrobatics and Tumbling team took to the mats against the Baylor Bears from Waco Texas at the Felix Event Center. Throughout the night 30 Cougars flipped, tumbled, and flew through the air showing the crowed what they are made of.


The Cougar’s skills were unmatched by the Bears as they pulled of a win beating the Bears by a 4.76-point margin. This win is a big deal for the team as they are headed to NCATA Championships in Connecticut in a weeks time. Also, the win avenges the 1.09-point defeat Baylor handed APU in Waco earlier in the season.


The athlete’s weren’t the only ones satisfied with their big win. The coaching staff was overjoyed at the experience their team displayed.


“I think it is the best the team has ever performed, they came out ready to compete”, Coach Colleen Kausrud said. “We needed this this was huge for us if we didn’t win tonight it would have been a struggle, but they came out confident for than they ever have.”


Sophomore Flyer Heather DiSapaltro was also satisfied with the win heading into nationals.


“I thought we were finally able to pull together as a team and it completely paid off”, said DiSapaltro. The girls have been working their butts off these past couple weeks and it finally came together.


Acrobatics and Tumbling matches are compromised of six events. Compulsory, acro, pyramid, toss, tumbling, and team. Each event the teams take turns battling it out in order for the best score. The total combined six heat scores are totaled at the end of the night.


The team was able to impress the packed crowed for the night displaying dominance by winning four out of the six events.

The first heat was won by the Bears flipping their way to a leading margin of just 3.95 points.

In true gritty fashion the Cougars were able to hold on for the win in the second event, with a 28.25 to 27.25 scoring.


During the third heat the Cougars were able to keep their momentum going, taking the victory in the pyramid event by a .45 spread.


After halftime, the Cougars didn’t slow down, winning the toss event as well.


Though, the Cougars did hit a snag in the fifth event when they lost in the tumbling event, it didn’t worry Sophomore DiSpaltro in the least.


“Our coaches have taught us to always keep pushing forward” said DiSpaltro. “You can’t look behind you can only change what is going to happen.”


This attitude of rising above was able to shine throughout the team in their team event. Being APU’s last chance at sustaining their lead to give them the win, the Cougars did just that. They were able to hold onto the W over the Bears by winning the last event by a 1.76 spread.


This win in the last event confirmed that all of the hard work put in practice by the team had paid off.


“We’re on that up swing. It feels really good to beat Baylor at home”, said Freshman Base Jamie Montgomery. “We changed how we approached practice and are feeling very confident now.


The Cougars plan to hold onto that approach that landed them with this win heading into nationals. Nationals will be held April 24-27 in Hamden Connecticut.