It’s time to serve

The Center for Student Action hosted the
annual APU Serve event last Tuesday, Oct. 22 with the help and
encouragement of the freshly selected new action team leaders who will lead mission teams in next summer’s mission trips.

Sophomore liberal studies major Elise Edwards works for the wellness team in the CSA office. Edwards said the team helps with recruitment and re-entry for mission teams and makes sure to host the APU Serve event each year.

The event was meant to be informative but also lighthearted. It even had a disc jockey to draw in people.

“The DJ helps no one feel awkward and makes for a fun time while learning about the ministry opportunities,” Edwards said.

According to Edwards, the purpose of CSA is to equip people with opportunities to get involved locally and globally through action teams internationally and nationally.

“We are currently looking for more leaders for at least seven more action teams and some Mexico outreach teams,” Edwards said.

She said she enjoys what the CSA office is doing and believes that it’s important to get involved close to home as well as overseas.

“I want to be a part of that vision,” Edwards said.

Senior nursing major Natalie Avenel has been a member on two APU mission teams and was a leader for the India team last summer. She feels that the APU Serve event does a good job in recruiting students for mission teams.

Avenel said many students were unaware of the event because unlike last year, it wasn’t hosted after missions chapel, due to scheduling conflicts.

“I encourage new leaders to rely on God because you cannot do it by yourself,” Avenel said, citing the many challenges that come with being a leader.

Sophomore athletic training major Tori O’Connor has never been on a mission trip through APU before but is excited to be leading one to South Africa this summer. She is working toward her leadership minor and said that being a leader has always been an aspect of her life.

“I wanted to see where God would take me in that and use me as a leader,” O’Connor said.

She said APU Serve was a great way for everyone to see how many teams there are.

“Envisioning that all these people are going to be spread out across the world this summer is pretty incredible,” O’Connor said. “Just having an interest in going is the first step, and then God will lead you where he wants.”