Alosta Place hosts old-fashioned baking contest


Alosta residents tally up the votes for the winner of the bake-off.
Photo by Kimberly Smith

Alosta Place residents came together to enjoy freshly baked treats and compete for a top prize in the third annual Alosta Town Bake-Off in the Alosta Place clubhouse on Thursday night.

The residents judged the entries and voted for their favorite treat. The first-place winner received five free Golden Spoon frozen yogurt coupons, the second-place winner won three coupons and the third-place winner won one.

“We are hoping that it will be a time when, as they are enjoying their favorite treat, they are able to talk with other people, and maybe meet some people they haven’t met. It’s just an opportunity for people to connect with life and food and be able to share recipes with one another,” said Assistant Resident Director Rhianna Pierre.

One attendee, junior business marketing major Sam Reynolds, said that she planned to judge all the entries “scientifically.”

“I think it’s a fantastic idea for an event. It’s super-fun, and it brings everyone together to just hang out and eat, which is good and delicious,” Reynolds said.

Sophomore Christian ministries major Michael Gutierrez, another resident of Alosta Place, said he came to enjoy some good food.

“I didn’t want to make dinner, and my mom never told me I could eat dessert for dinner. I’m not with my mom anymore, so I can eat dessert for dinner,” Gutierrez said.

Sara Champlain won first place with her butter bar bites, Kate Grogan placed second with a cheesecake and Kim Stuch won third place with her tiramisu cheesecake.

“Whenever you bake something for someone and share it with them, it’s a really special thing,” Pierre said.