‘Intermedia’ combines classical music and light sabers


Conductor Alexander Koops leads the Symphonic Band in “Miniaturas” while art from students is shown. Photo credit: Allison Thompson

“Intermedia,” which combined the works of the Symphonic Band, Brass Ensemble and Art department, began with a colorful performance of “Cave” and ended in a light saber “Star Wars” duel Friday evening in Munson Recital Hall.

With the recent merging of the Music and Arts departments into one, recitals from the College of Music and the Arts will now include combined art and musical performances.

“We’re incorporating art students for once, which hasn’t happened since I’ve been [at APU],” Symphonic Band saxophone player and sophomore psychology major Ellice Ellick said.

The combination allowed the band to express originality in its performance of “Cave” by Russell Peck. The Symphonic Band musicians donned sunglasses, per the composer’s words, and incorporated dance while green and blue spotlights constantly moved around the otherwise dark room.

Amy Day, the art director, teaches the “Time-Based Media” class that managed the use of light and creative elements for the ‘Cave’ piece. Day stated the importance of “thinking of materials in a way that you haven’t before” and “making light perform and move.”

Alexander Koops, the Symphonic Band conductor, introduced and conducted the two-part song titled “Dechadron.” The piece was actually composed by his brother, Jed Koops, and it involved a singing performance and a slideshow of related art pieces shown on three projection screens throughout the hall.

“It’s cool to combine the arts and music. It’s been a challenge, but it’s been fun and a good learning experience for sure,” said junior cinematic arts major and Symphonic Band bassoon player Yasha Sojwal.

The last song from the Symphonic Band was “Tight Squeeze” by Alex Shapiro, which was unique in that it includes use of a pre-recorded electronic track. During the song, the art students simultaneously created digital drawings, which were shown on the projection screens.


The Jedi stands victorious as the “Star Wars” theme song comes to a close. Photo credit: Allison Thompson

The Brass ensemble played two songs, “Fanfare” and “Hymn to the Fallen,” before becoming the background music for a Jedi duel.

While the “Star Wars” theme song played, four people of “the dark side” donned Star Wars costumes and masks and attacked the chosen Jedi, who wore a brown hooded robe and a Yoda backpack. The Jedi defeated his enemies and stood on the stage victorious until the song and entire recital came to a close.