Khristi Adams publishes new book on singleness


Khristi Adams releases her new book this Thursday. Photo credit: Bianca Ontiveros

Thursday, Dec. 5 is the book signing event in the University Bookstore for
Pastor Khristi Adams’ first book, “The Misinterpreted Gospel of Singleness,” which
highlights specific points surrounding the concept that being single can be good news and that good news is often “misinterpreted.”

“It wasn’t, ‘I want to write a book on singleness!’ it was ‘I want to write a book on life,’ and these topics came up that struck me and centered on this singleness theme,” said Adams, an associate campus pastor.

Adams began working on the outline of the book in early May and by the time she came back from Mexico Outreach in July, she had decided on the title.

“There were things like students coming into my office and different conversations we were having, my little sister who is in her first semester at Temple University, my alma mater, and I was reminiscing on things I had experienced my first year and things I wish I had known, and honestly, it wound up being compiled into this,” Adams said.

Each chapter highlights certain myths surrounding singleness and Christianity. These myths include commonly heard phrases or ideas regarding waiting and marriage. Adams said one in particular is the myth of “the one.”

“We are limiting God and God’s resources for men and women for our life by saying, ‘There is just this one,’’ Adams said. “If it doesn’t work out then, I’ve had students who are severely depressed and can’t see hope. So half of it becomes them mourning a relationship and the other half is, ‘That was my one opportunity and now I’m done.’”

Some students and professors have already begun to read Pastor Adams’ book and appreciate her perspective on the topic.

“Khristi mentions a lot about how singles are often looked at, how they are not blessed the way they need to be, and I think she does a good job at explaining that viewing singleness as a halfway point until you’re married takes away from the blessing of being single,” senior biblical studies major Dusty Sanderson said.

In a blog review of Adams’ book, administrative assistant for the Office of Discipleship Ministries Sarah Lochelt discussed what she received from the book and how it can impact the Christian community.

“In this book, Khristi crafts a beautiful conversation with the reader through her gracious but pointed language, calling attention to these myths and the impact they have on our community,” Lochelt wrote.

Lochelt also blogged about Adams’ personal touches that are included in the book.

“She also utilizes these little personal anecdotes to conclude each chapter, from a real live person whose experience has reflected a consequence of that myth and truly hammers home the way people are being wrongly treated, devalued and hurt in our church family by these lies,” Lochelt wrote.

Adams’ hope is that her overall point is conveyed clearly: to find liberty in singleness and have a healthier perspective on it.

“Freedom is the key word I have been thinking from the beginning to the end of the book,” Adams said. “I want this book to free people thought-wise and how they approach things and freedom in knowing that when they graduate college, if they are not in a relationship, then their life is not over but just beginning… It’s a beautiful thing to venture through life and say you have the whole world in your hands.”

Not only does she hope that students are able to discover liberty, but the Christian community as a whole is able to shift its frame of thought in fellowship with singles.

“I am wanting us to become the one body, one family that Jesus talked about and we can’t do that by raising up this one institution [of marriage] and everyone that doesn’t fit in that paradigm is on the out,” Adams said.

The books will be sold from 4:30 to 6 p.m. Thursday in the University Bookstore with Adams signing books, answering questions and showing videos. The books can also be purchased on for $12.99.