Students learn ‘Hidden Mickeys’ of interviewing


APU Alumni Paul Solis spoke to students about his quick tips for the interviewing process. Photo credit: Hunter Foote

More than 90 students attended a special workshop Tuesday, April 1 to discuss interview tips and tricks with Azusa Pacific alumnus Paul Solis, an instructor at the Walt Disney Company’s Internship Program.

During the “Discover the ‘Hidden Mickeys’ of Interviewing” lecture, hosted by the Office of Career Services, Solis highlighted several “quick tips” for interviewing. These included what to wear, potential questions to prepare for and how to present accurate qualifications in an interview. Solis also took questions throughout the session and said he wanted the lecture to be as interactive as possible.

In preparing for an interview, Solis described the “Disney Look,” or looking “timeless and classic,” which includes wearing “things that are never going to go out of style” to an interview.

Solis also said that it is best to have a “30-second commercial” prepared for the interview, which includes three to four points that highlight a person’s last five professional years. Throughout his presentation, Solis was consistent in pointing out that personal branding when interviewing for a job is key.

“You have to know what your skill sets are, and you also have to be very, very, very aware of your brand,” Solis said. “Your personal brand is extremely important. … Your personal brand is how you’re going to establish a relationship with the people you intend to do business with. You want to make sure that as you are selling your skills, that you’re adding that brand to it, so that you can differentiate yourself from everyone else.”

Senior business management major Kaleen Davis, Office of Career Services marketing intern, helped plan the event. According to Davis, Solis wanted to share about his eight years of experience working in the internship program.

“We really want students to have a strong connection with alumni and to know that the Office of Career Services is here to empower them in their professional development in all areas such as internship search and job search and all of that,” Davis said. “We’re just really excited to allow that connection to happen at events such as these and really see students flourish through making contacts like this and getting info that Paul will share tonight.”

Sophomore business management major Emmaleigh Carlson expressed appreciation for the advice specific to Disney’s hiring process.

“Paul Solis was relatable and very willing to stay after to field questions,” Carlson said. “His specific tips for interviewing for Disney were the most beneficial.”

Although Solis was speaking specifically about getting hired for Disney, his advice also fit the general interview process. Sophomore international business major Taylor Brown found the session informative about the specifics of interviewing.

“What I found most helpful was the fact that Paul Solis went through several interview questions that people struggle with and explained to us the best way to answer those,” Brown said.

Davis encouraged students who are looking for summer internships or jobs, or positions after graduation, to go to the Office of Career Services for more information and direction.