APU’s top choices at Donut Man

Here at Azusa Pacific University it’s very common for most students to visit The Donut Man at least once during their academic career. But what are students’ picks for most delicious donut?

Although the popular donut spot gets many different customers daily, manager Aaron Wearp knows that APU students usually are the ones stopping by. He says the top five donuts that students purchase are the strawberry doughnut, tiger tail, cinnamon roll, chocolate bar and maple bar.

Why do the donuts cause such an attraction? Perhaps it is the different ingredients in each donut choice.

“They all mostly use potato flour, which is like a potato flour mix that is unique to us, and we use a compressed yeast, which is again unique,” Wearp said.

Sophomore English major Kara Higa stated that the strawberry donut, which is only available for a limited time each year, is her favorite. This treat is made up of a glazed donut containing a fresh strawberry filling, which is then covered in more glaze.

“I love the glazed and the extra strawberry inside, so it’s like a double dose of strawberry in, like, a little donut sandwich,” Higa said.

Even though the strawberry donuts are one of the main attractions at The Donut Man, APU students find great interest in the tiger tail. Wearp believes tiger tails are a favorite because they are large – nearly 1 foot long – and unique. The tiger tail is a twisted, glazed donut with a bit of chocolate mixed into it.

Sophomore Lauren Vehrs is one of the many students who favors the tiger tail.

“It’s sweet and tasty,” Vehrs said.

Junior Bo Steele also said the tiger tail was his favorite donut from The Donut Man.

“They’re usually fresh when I get there, and it just tastes really good,” Steele said.

Wearp shared that APU students tend to go at night to get their donut fix. The Donut Man is located in Glendora and is open 24 hours – perfect for college students with crazy schedules.

“I like going to Donut Man right after dinner when you ate all your good food, and then if you ate healthy, you can go and eat a good, juicy, unhealthy donut,” Higa said.

These customers say if you haven’t been to The Donut Man yet, make some time to stop by and see what all the fuss is about. Your sweet tooth will thank you!