Take advantage of quiet moments

By Becky Kay

This summer I will be leading a team composed of two other ladies to Managua, Nicaragua for two months through APU’s Center for Student Action! I’m really excited about this opportunity and am looking forward to the lessons God will show me while I’m there.

This weekend I got the chance to go on a retreat in Lake Arrowhead for this trip with over a hundred other APU students who will be serving all over the world this summer. It was such an enriching time of fellowship and learning what other people’s passions and stories are and how they got to where they are today. It made me reflect on the impact travel and following God’s call on your life can have a huge impact on people’s lives and how we don’t always take the time to listen to people’s stories and dreams.

This weekend brought me a lot of joy and rejuvenation by taking the time to be still with God to listen to what He had to say to me and let Him speak through others to me. This week I challenge you to take advantage of quiet moments and listen to what God has to tell you as well as seek out those you don’t know that well and ask them their story, it could be life changing.