Valentine’s Day on a budget

The average person spent $134 on Valentine’s Day in 2014, according to a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation. While for some this is an affordable price to pay, many college students would disagree.

Whether you plan to spend the day with friends or a significant other, there are plenty of inexpensive activities to enjoy with your loved ones. Here are five ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day for $15 or less:


Wake up early Saturday morning and head out to the Pasadena Farmer’s Market. Not only will you get to enjoy a leisurely walk with your special someone, but you can also pick up an array of fresh fruits, vegetables, bread, eggs, cheese, flowers and much more. The Farmer’s Market will be open to the public from 8:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m.


Go on a hike. For the more adventurous spirit, a walk through the San Gabriel Mountains to Sturtevant Falls is both fun and relaxing. The 3.7-mile trail is easy and enjoyable, and at the end a 50-foot waterfall awaits your arrival.


Have a picnic on the beach. What better way to spend a day with the ones you love than basking in the sunlight? Head over to the nearby market, pick up a few snacks, and drive to Huntington or Newport to relax and enjoy the view.


Host a game night. Gather around the TV with friends, grab some board games, cook dinner and dessert and enjoy the company of those around you.


Visit the Griffith Observatory. If you’re interested in getting out of town for the day, head to the heart of Los Angeles and experience the view from above the city. Plus, admission is free!

Although the expectations for the holiday can sometimes be high, creating special moments out of these simple activities is still possible. Keep in mind that the day is less about the elaborate gifts and extravagant excursions and more about celebrating love.

For those dreading the holiday and what some consider “Single Awareness Day,” gather a close group of friends and participate in these activities together. As long as you are enjoying the time with the people you care about most you will hardly notice this day to be different than any other.

“There is no reason to dread being single,” said senior marketing major Jake Lindley. “Treat it like any other weekend day and enjoy the time with friends or family. Everyone experiences things at very different times, and that is what is special about life.”

Whether your day is filled with activities or staying home, love is something that should always be celebrated.