Just believe in SOMETHING

By Faith Vander Voort

Growing up in a household with a politically vocal father, I have cared far more about politics than most of my peers throughout the years.  My first political debate occurred over the Bush-Kerry election in 2004; I was eight years old and in the third grade.  Who was I arguing with?  My school librarian.

My aim is not to spew my political views into the abyss like everyone else with an opinion and a wifi connection; I want to encourage young voters to pay attention and form and opinion for themselves.

With the 2016 presidential elections in the headlights, the political world is shifting into campaign-mode.  This is the perfect time to begin listening to what potential candidates have to say, and doing so is far easier than you may think.

As a college student, I spend an obscene amount of time on Twitter every day (I study too, Dad), so to get some good use out of it, I mix a little politics into my Twitter feed.

I follow National Journal, Washington Journal, The Hill, Roll Call, POLITICO, C-SPAN, CNN Politics, Fox News Politics and ABC News Politics.  This seems like a lot of politics for a college girl’s Twitter feed, but it’s important to not just follow one news source, in turn, limiting your views.  Seeing both sides of the coin will allow you to form an educated opinion.

I’m not asking you to share the same beliefs as me – obviously, that was not my intent.  Frankly, I don’t care where you align yourself politically.  I have worlds more respect for someone whose political views are radically different than mine than I do for someone who could care less about an election.

It is a blessing to live in a nation where voting is a privilege that adults can freely exercise, so let’s cultivate a generation of young voters who actually believe in something.