Lazy River Edition

By Sara Champlain

I grew up in church, so the idea of surrendering my life to Christ is one that I have grown accustomed to. I consult him when I make big decisions; I tell him my options and then I wait for his response, or open to a random page in the Bible and cross my fingers that a verse relates to what I am going through.

But this is in no way what it actually looks like to surrender to the Lord. I was in church today and suddenly the idea of a lazy river came into my mind. The message wasn’t even on surrender, but this image was rushing in, clear as day.

If I am wholly surrendered to the Lord, it is as if I am floating down a lazy river: he guides, he opens doors, he changes my direction. In a lazy river at a water park, you don’t see people walking through the track yelling, “Where do I go?!” or “What am I supposed to do?” No. You see people chilling in their tubes, floating down the river, trusting that the water will take them where they should go. The Lord wants to be your water. Join me in finding joy from reclining in our surrender.