Transfer student starts Bible study

Lighthouse Campus Ministry is a new undergrad-led Scripture study founded late last semester by junior political science major Paul Konadu. He leads the group, which meets every Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. in Wilden 228.

Konadu, who transferred to Azusa Pacific University from Ohio State University last fall, did not want to wait until the following year to start a Discipleship Group.

“Initially, I wanted to jump into a D-Group, but there was a time conflict,” said Konadu. “You have to go to a camp, you have to go through a whole training for discipleship, and I think that’s what it was. I was just so eager to start something for God. I couldn’t wait till next summer, so I decided to start a small gathering for people who just wanted to get together and fellowship.”

As a member of Lighthouse Campus Ministry, undeclared freshman Calvin Dong explains the difference between D-Groups and Lighthouse.

“I feel like it is similar to a D-Group, but every group is different in the new insights it brings into the Bible. It’s co-ed, too, but the main thing is it provides new insights,” Dong said. “I like supporting what Paul’s doing. He came here from Ohio to try to create this presence where there’s good fellowship.”

Konadu’s ultimate goal is deeper than just providing a place for fellowship. The founder explains what he aims to accomplish with the group.

“The goal is to build disciples who are on fire, who are radical for Jesus Christ,” he said. “I feel like the age has come where we need young people who are going to be able to go to against the status quo. Where are the Josephs? Where are the Timothys? Where are the Daniels who can flip the whole of Babylon upside down for Jesus Christ?”

According to Konadu, he began leading Bible studies as a freshman at Ohio State University and is no stranger to being viewed as a radical.

“At Ohio State, I went through so much persecution,” he said. “I remember when my roommate’s car was bashed in with an axe because he was helping me with a Bible study. We wanted to serve Jesus Christ, and we were radicals on campus for God.”

In order to advertise the group at APU, Konadu began posting fliers and spreading the word, and people started showing up.

Freshman English major Sharon Lee is already in a D-Group, yet she decided to sit in on a Lighthouse Campus Ministry meeting anyway. She has been in attendance ever since.

“My friend Jasmine told me to come check it out one day, so I came out and I really, really liked it. I felt like it was a really different community than my D-Group, and I felt like both were extremely necessary for my continued growth,” Lee said.

Though the church Konadu currently attends is called Lighthouse, there is no affiliation to the on-campus group. He liked the name and decided to maintain it at APU as well as Ohio State.

The founder, along with the rest of the members of Lighthouse Campus Ministry, encourage others to join them.

“The Bible says, ‘O taste and see that the Lord is good.’ Just come and check it out,” Konadu said. “You can never enjoy swimming if you’re at the shallow end. You gotta jump in.”