Voting starts now

By Gina Ender

I know what you are thinking; it is only the beginning of 2015. You are still writing 2014 at the top of your notes. 2016 seems really far away. You could say all of these things, but that does not mean that you should not start preparing yourself for the next presidential election now.

The candidates are already taking this election seriously, and that means you should too.

Hillary Clinton has certainly decided that she is dedicated to running in the election. Voters should know where they stand for both sides. Do not just vote for Clinton because she is a woman, but don’t not vote for her because she is a woman either. Look at her policies and her beliefs and figure out for yourself if they align with what you want America to look like for the next four years.

Do this with all of the candidates. Study up on them now so that when 2016 comes around, you are not unprepared when speeches and conferences and campaigns are already too far along.

It is your right as an American, as an adult, as a voter to be informed and to make choices.