Who Runs the World? Emma Watson.

By Kelyn Struiksma

Emma Watson continues to make headlines and her achievements are only adding to her already impressive resume. Watson was named the “Most Outstanding Woman of 2015,” according to AskMen, an online site dedicated to empowering young men.

The 24-year-old, who started her career as the smart and confident Hermione Granger in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, strives to make a difference in the world through her efforts as an actress, model and gender equality activist.

Currently, Watson is focused on her new campaign called “HeforShe,” encouraging men to advocate for gender equality. She serves as the United Nations Women Goodwill Ambassador and pursues to address the inequalities women in today’s world face. Throughout her success in the film and fashion industry, Watson pursued her education studying at both Brown and Oxford University.

“Emma Watson is so many incredible things at once — rich, successful, famous, stylish, beautiful, intelligent, personable, kind,” AskMen publisher James Bassil explained. “And yet, rather than be content with a life of luxury, she’s thrown her back into a serious social issue in an effort to shift the way our society treats women.”

Watson beat UFC fighter Rhonda Rousey (No. 2), Kim Kardashian (No.3) and Taylor Swift (No. 4) for the number one position.

The list of 99 outstanding women is meant to feature and celebrate “the beautiful, talented, glamorous and just plain kickass women who are defining the world we live in.”

Although the list was heavy with actresses, it featured remarkable females in various industries highlighting musicians, politicians, entrepreneurs, authors and athletes from all over the world.

Watson leads with an elegance, grace and maturity and I respect her efforts and passion for pursuing a better world.

One of my favorite quotes from Watson was said during her speech last September at a HeforShe event.

She said: “It is time that we all see gender as a spectrum instead of two sets of opposing ideals. We should stop defining each other by what we are not, and start defining ourselves by who we are.”

I am inspired by the life that Watson is living and believe she is a force to be reckoned with. Besides her stunning beauty and success in the film industry, Watson focuses her attention on standing up and speaking out for what she truly believes in. She is exactly the role-model young women need — confident, smart, determined and passionate.