Colbert’s Big Move

The one and only Stephen Colbert. Need I say more? Colbert has recently moved to late night television, now hosting “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on CBS. Will he still be able to successfully bring news to the younger generation? Stephen Colbert made a great television legacy by hosting “The Colbert Report” on Comedy Central from 2005 through 2014. Will “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” be as successful as other late night shows such as: “The Tonight Show”, “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and “Conan”?

Social media has made a big impact on the television industry. Hopefully, social media will allow Colbert’s new show to increase ratings. Social media has the power television ratings, and I hope this proves to be true with Colbert’s new show. I know I will be supporting Colbert on my social media platforms.

Colbert has been making waves in platforms other than social media. In recent news, Colbert is probably the pope’s funniest fan. Colbert also seems to be making a great political impact in the late night television world with recently having Donald Trump as a guest on his show.

However, Colbert also has his fair share of critics.

Azusa Pacific University junior psychology major, Kellie Bode thinks, “Colbert is too sarcastic. He’s too liberal for my taste. I don’t think he is that funny, I personally think he is very rude.”

Personally, I think Colbert’s sarcasm and humor are great. It’s what makes his sharing of political news so interesting. Especially since political news is very relevant with the campaigns for the 2016 election and GOP debates revving up this year, all ripe for Colbert’s hilarious commentary. However, I would love to see him also talk more about pop culture and other non-political news. He has been successful entering into these conversations in the past.

According to Anna Silman of SALON, an online news and entertainment website, “Stephen Colbert subtly lampooned celebrity lifestyle brands by introducing a brand of his own, ‘Covetton House’: a mix of “classic Southern living, the breezy charm of the English countryside, and whatever they had left over at the prop warehouse.”’ Although it was a fake web domain, I would support Stephen Colbert if he actually made a lifestyle website.

Colbert fan and APU sophomore Cynthia Arroyo says, “Colbert has a charming way of conveying politics that I find very entertaining.”

Stefany Romero, a junior journalism major at APU who is also a fan of Colbert, states, “I am really hoping that Colbert proves his critics wrong.”

Good luck to you, Colbert! Keep bringing great news served with a side of sarcasm to our generation.