How to survive midterms

The second most dreaded time of the year has come. We are officially in the middle of midterms. It seems like there’s no hope and that you won’t make out of this semester alive. But don’t worry! This article will guide you through this terrible time. Follow it and you just might make it through these next few weeks.

Time for a Headstand

Research shows that doing headstands periodically will help nourish your brain. The blood rushing to your head helps with concentration and for overall brain health. If you’re feeling burned out and feel like you need a pick me up, take a few minutes for a headstand. Now would be a great time to learn how if you don’t already know.

Drink Coffee

Whether you’re already a coffee drinker or not, go to your local market and stock up on the black brew, because it will help you get through those all-nighters without having to go to extreme measures.

“During midterms and finals, I probably drink one or two pots a day,” said Evan Darcey, a senior history major. “It sounds like a lot. But when you’re up late studying or writing papers, it goes by fast and you’ll wish you had more. Coffee will save you.”

Find a Study Spot

Next, find a quiet study spot, preferably with a lock. The library is a great place to study if there’s an open seat. If there are already too many people there, consider going back to the apartment and locking the door.

“If my roommates are being too much of a distraction, which is most of the time, I study in my car,” senior political science student Johnny Khan said. “It’s easier when it’s not 100 degrees outside, but you gotta do what you gotta do.”

Silence is Golden

Ditch the headphones. People always say that they can study with music playing, but unless it’s listening to Mozart, it’s very unlikely. Why add the extra distraction? This is midterms after all.

“I need my study place to be completely quiet,” said senior Christian ministries major Will Hawkins. “Whether it’s music or friends or just people walking by, I am so easily distracted that I just need to lock myself up and work until I’m finished with everything. There’s just no other way for me to get anything done.”

Treat Yourself to a Break

No matter how hard you’re working, don’t forget to take breaks, especially if you’re staring at a computer screen. Every 20 minutes, get up, stretch, and look away from the computer. Step outside for a few minutes and breathe in the fresh air. Breaks are also a great time to go and get coffee.

As daunting as midterms are, don’t forget to make time for social activities. Locking yourself away to study is fine, but don’t do it for a whole week straight. Talk to people and come together as a community of struggling college students. We’re all just trying to make it through the week, so why not do it together?

Take a Lap

As daunting as running sounds, it’s a great way to wake you up if the coffee is not doing the trick. Any form exercise will work if you’re not big on running. Go outside after your 20 minutes of studying and take a walk around your dorm building or apartment complex. This can also serve as a great work out.