Jessica Sherer

Jessica Sherer, M.A., is a communications specialist whose experience couples teaching at the
undergraduate level with a background as a professional writer and editor.

As an educator, Jessica has taught courses in writing, editing, and introductory journalism,
served as faculty adviser for APU’s The Clause and Collide, and helped design writing courses.
Her goal in the classroom is to move beyond the subject matter into helping students learn to
solve problems creatively, think critically, grow from challenges, and embrace a model of
lifelong learning.

Outside of the classroom, Jessica strives to facilitate transformation in students’ lives by
nurturing them, challenging them, and pushing them toward discovering their path for the future.
This takes place organically through both formal and informal mentoring relationships that
reflect on academics, relationships, spirituality, professional goals, and beyond.

Jessica’s work as a writer and editor has included developing content solutions and providing
editorial leadership for integrated marketing campaigns, websites, newsletters, technical
documents, news articles, and more. This experience ranges from copyediting and copywriting
to content management services for marketing agencies, medical offices, churches, financial
institutions, Internet start-ups, and others.

Professor Sherer is currently serving as the faculty adviser for The Clause.