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Gen ed requirements reduced after deliberations

One thing you often hear from college students is getting their general education classes out of the way. Though students may not necessarily be excited to take the general education classes, the General Education Council has a plan in store to change the way students think about them.   The General Education Council, has been

Don’t let a stressful Dead Week steal your soul

Where do we go when we die? What is a soul anyway and how is it connected (or not) to our bodies? Mankind has been asking these questions since the beginning of time, and although scientists are fervently seeking the answer, there is no indication we will have a definitive answer anytime soon. The theories

California judge blocks sex offender law

On Tuesday, Nov. 6, a federal judge blocked part of California Proposition 35 by granting a temporary stay on the new law. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), which is based in San Francisco, are challenging this action.     The ACLU and the EFF are both representing two

Physical Science class teams up to publish eBook

In most science classes you will find students doing experiments, taking pages of notes and studying to understand complex equations and definitions. However, imagine the thought of being given the task of writing a book as a science project.   In fact, 35 students from Professor John Hitchcock’s Physical Science class at APU were given

Business student restores historical post into fair trade store

What started as a class assignment for senior business major Nicole Johnny has turned into a revolutionary way to bring a community together and implement a lifelong dream. Johnny was assigned to write a business plan for her International Business class, but she did not stop there.   Johnny started her own fair trade store

Growth on APU’s campus raises questions of accomodation

“Did you know they are going to tear down the Mods next year?” said every APU student, ever. “Yeah, I heard it is because they might run out of space for the upperclassmen.”   Senior business management major Aranda Koch hears this rumor around campus every year. Fortunately, it is untrue, hence the term, “rumor”

Behind the lesson plan: what motivates a teacher to go above and beyond

Teachers have led countless students through years and years of school. They give students the tools to make it through school and, in the end, graduate college, which is worthy of recognition.   Lincoln Financial Media stations KIFM, KSON and FM94/9 has partnered with APU to develop the program Teachers Are Heroes. This program honors

The Fulbright Scholar Among Us

Margarita Ramirez, who graduated from APU with a political science degree last May, planned to comfortably move on to graduate school and never considered applying for the Fulbright scholarship, which provides graduate students grants to study, teach or research a subject of their choice overseas. However, when vice provost for graduate programs Dr. Diane Guido

Sun, sand and ocean waves: The foundation of an interfaith dialogue

Representatives of various faiths and surfers gathered on Huntington Beach for an afternoon of learning and surfing for the fifth annual Blessing of the Waves service held on Oct. 14.   The first Blessing of the Waves interfaith service took place in 2008 with 400 people, and according to the Orange County Register, there was

APU’s baked goods find new home in Glendora

Students on campus have come to know and love the popular items found in the bakery of the cafeteria and various dining venues on campus. Baked goods such as cookies, cakes, dinner rolls and bread are all made fresh daily by the bakers and student employees of the APU bakery.   Just recently, APU has