Yacht Club

By Pauline Hassan

Friday night, September 24th, about 200 plus APU students put on their best to enjoy an evening pool side at University Park apartments with their fellow peers.  Live music, desserts, and beverages were served, along with an art display and a photography studio.

The apartment complex was adorned with icicle stringed lights, fire pits, and stations set for socializing.  Walking in was like leaving the university setting, and entering a high class event.

The event started at 8:30 and by 9 o’clock, elbow room was non-existent. Katie Bunker, who lives in UP admitted to the space being a little tight around the pool, but still loved the environment.

“I really like it; it’s really soft, and elegant and tranquil,” sophomore business marketing major Michael Henderson said.  He mentioned it being a great environment to meet people, from different backgrounds.

This year, there was a choice of either a $2.00 entrance fee, or a donation of an article of clothing, or canned food to help the homeless. 

“I like how we can enjoy ourselves, while helping homeless people, it makes this whole event mean so much more,” sophomore theater major Raquel Jimenez said.

For a few hours on Friday, students were able to have a great time in a safe environment with friends.  Jimenez described it as, “A beautiful night filled with beautiful people and a great way to start off the year.”

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