Venture: Mueller’s Monrovia Bakery

Ashley Cameron | Contributing Writer


Filled with decorations for Valentine’s Day, Mueller’s Monrovia Bakery provides customers with more than just delicious baked goods. For over 42 years the bakery, located in Old Town Monrovia, has given customers the unique touch of love and family.

Since 1971 the Mueller family has owned and run the bakery, and since then Emmie and Kathie Mueller have infused their personal family values to the shop.

“We are different from the new bakeries. We are an old-fashioned bakery where we just have baked goods,” Kathie said. “You can hardly find a regular bakery anymore. Kids are going to think a grocery store is the only place you can get bread or whatever else. They don’t realize you can get it in a bakery.”

When the Mueller’s shop first opened, other bakeries already dotted the map. Now, only a select few are still around. Because of the rarity of modern bakeries, Emmy and Kathie believe their family touch has brought such success to their shop.

“I think it’s been instilled in us that you gave 100 percent of yourself, or 110 percent. You went over and above because you want to take care of your customer,” Emmie said.

Because of the personal interest they put into their shop and customers, Kathie and Emmie said the hardest part about running their business is raising prices.

“I think we are too cheap,” Emmie said. “We have people telling us ‘you should raise your prices every 6 months,’ raise it a little bit, 10 to 15 percent each time. I hate to do that. But if you’re going to make a business, you have to keep up with the prices. But that’s the hardest thing we have to do.”

Although customers seem to enjoy all of their products, Emmie and Kathie said their bestselling items are éclairs, brownies (with nuts), doughnuts and cookies. Their brother, Jon Mueller, bakes all of their products fresh every morning.

They also bring in the holiday spirit through their baked goods. For every holiday they have different seasonal cookies and recipes. Right now they feature heart-shaped and lip-shaped sugar cookies.

So head into Old Town Monrovia and enjoy a pastry, a cup of coffee and even a nice conversation with Kathie and Emmie down at Mueller’s Monrovia Bakery.

“We live together. We work together. We are together,” Emmie said.

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