Venture: The Pie Hole (cupcakes are so “last year”)

Megan Laber | Art Director


Contrasting its surroundings in the Art District neighborhood of downtown LA, The Pie Hole offers a rather inviting and warm interior. With dark wood tables covered in resin, cement floors and small potted plants along their large community table, the setting screams “modern eatery meets comfort of the urban home.”

The location is rather perfect, with always crowded Wurstkuche across the way and a slew of other cafés offering delicious sandwiches and breakfast eats. What makes the Pie Hole stand out? The establishment specializes in only serving pies. And not just dessert pies, but savory dinner pies as well. Try the Mac n Cheese Hand Pie for the most savory and salty meal of your life.

Feeling a bit more traditional? They offer the classic Chicken and Cornbread Pot Pie, perfectly paired with the organic juice selection they have to offer.

Now if you’re in the neighborhood for something sweet, you’re in the right place. Try a slice of the Ginger Pear with Caramel, and you may want to swear off even your grandmother’s famous apple pie. For the rich and savory dessert people, The Pie Hole offers a Mexican Chocolate Pie, which has a bit of cinnamon to make for a unique experience. These pies can be eaten as is, or à la mode.

But don’t overlook the coffee selection. The Pie Hole has a full espresso bar with drinks to complement your decadent after-dinner treat. This feature is also perfect for the student looking for a very quiet study area, complete with free wi-fi for patrons and a whole selection of teas for the anti-coffee people. (Do they still exist?)

If you visit The Pie Hole in the daylight hours, you’ll have plenty to see in the surrounding area. Walk the surrounding streets to see some amazing street art, or check out the cute and exclusive boutiques on the side streets for some quirky finds.

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