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Jasmine Rodgers  |  Contributing Writer

YouTube offers thousands of free exercise videos with different intensity levels, lengths and styles. This has made getting health more convenient than ever!

As college students, especially those who live on campus, it’s hard to find the time and money to hit the gym. Sometimes you can’t make it to the gym on West Campus, and when you do, there’s a chance that it’s crowded. Gym memberships can be expensive and just getting there can be a challenge. But don’t fret! YouTube is here to help.

Log in to YouTube and an encyclopedia of exercises, trainers and health tips are at your fingertips.

At no cost to you, and in the comfort of your own room, you can do a 30-minute CrossFit workout with videos from some of YouTube’s most popular exercise channels, like Fitness Blender. On this channel, husband Daniel and wife Kelli have created different playlists that range in difficulty from beginner to advanced and in time from 10 minutes to an hour or more. They add a few new videos to their channel each week, so there is never a lack of new material. If you like to focus on your workout and don’t like loud music blaring in the background, then you may like Fitness Blender’s workouts, which only have the instructor’s voice as audio. The channel’s 360 -plus videos offer much variety for the novice exerciser or offseason athlete.

If you prefer a particular method of exercise, like Pilates, Barre or dance workouts, YouTube still has plenty to offer.

Pop Pilates creator and fitness trainer Cassey Ho offers Pilates-inspired workouts on her channel, blogilates. From leg-toning workouts to HIIT, the blogilates channel offers high-energy workouts with the music to match.

A dancer and fitness instructor in her own right, Keaira Lashae teaches you how to dance to hip-hop and yes, even how to twerk on her channel, superherofitnesstv. Lashae’s workouts are fast-paced, and beginner versions are also available for the dancer with two left feet.

If none of the channels above pique your fancy, then you can still search on YouTube for the exact exercise you want. Whether you’re new to working out or you can’t go a day without it, YouTube is a dependable, free resource for the college student who is short on time and space but committed to personal health.

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