Measles, Measles Everywhere

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Hunter Foote  |  Contributing Writer

Since the Disneyland outbreak of measles originated between Dec. 17 and 20, the vaccine panic has once again swept the nation since the latest Ebola scare.

Just last week, schools in Southern California banned unvaccinated students for two weeks or until they could show proof of vaccination. While while a school in Huntington Beach actually had a student come to school with a case of the measles, Palm Desert High School has had no reported cases of the measles but still banned 66 students from the premises.

Now, however, more cases are popping up across the United States in Arizona, and now, Illinois. A recent article in Buzzfeed said five babies connected to one Chicago day care center have been diagnosed with the disease. All the infants are younger than 12 months.

On Feb. 1, the CDC reported 84 people with measles in the United States, but many are blaming the unvaccinated. Due to religious and philosophical opinions, people can refuse vaccinations. The regulations vary state to state. According to Forbes, the CDC found 79 percent of measles cases in the U.S. involving the unvaccinated were due to personal belief exemptions.

While those vaccinated have little to worry about for the measles, those unvaccinated, including young children too young to receive the vaccine, have a 90 percent chance of infection due to exposure, according to the CDC.

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