Pumping in the Boba at Tpumps

Photo Credit: Chrissie Cheng

Chrissie Cheng  |  Art Director

Quality bubble tea is hard to find – it can often be a disappointment in a cup with too-sweet flavors, an artificial taste or boba that’s just too chewy. However, that isn’t the experience for most when ordering at Tpumps, a bay area tea store with a 4-month old location in Pasadena.

Tpumps offers a customizable menu allowing its customers to make their dream tea drinks, smoothies, and slushies. With over 30 natural flavors to choose from, customers can top their tea with their special boba (also known as tapioca balls) uniquely made with cane sugar and honey taking two hours to prepare. Other topping options are mango, red bean and litchi. In order to allow all the customers to experience the deliciousness of milk tea, Tpumps uses a lactose-free creamer in its milk teas.

The bubble tea store started in San Mateo, a city 25 minutes away from San Francisco. Alex Su, owner of Tpumps, first owned a P.O. box and shipping center in the front and bubble tea store in the back. After creating relationships with his loyal customers, the news spread about Su’s delicious honey boba and eventually led to lines out the door at Tpumps.

Bay-area native and APU sophomore Kezziah Costello is a frequent Tpumps guest at the original location and was even more excited when she found out about its new one so close to APU.

“I’m so happy and excited that Tpumps is in Pasadena now,” Costello says. “It reminds me of home, and I really haven’t really been satisfied with the boba places around here. The quality of their drinks is great, and it’s much cheaper than coffee shops even though it has the same amount of caffeine. So it really is a great opportunity for them to have a location down here, and I’m so happy that they’re doing well.”

Tpumps Pasadena is located on 524 S. Lake Ave. and open from 11 a.m. until 9:30 p.m. Sunday-Thursday and until 10:30 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

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