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Caitlin Trude  |  Editor-In-Chief

On Friday nights, Old Town Monrovia is not a place to overlook when coming up with outings to kick off the weekend. In addition to the farmers’ market and other unique vendors worth checking out, downtown Monrovia is lined with a series of underrated eateries and shops.

Sena on Myrtle Street is one such place. At the front of the restaurant, it is a bit more crowded, like that of a pub. While the cozy, close quarters of that atmosphere can be appealing, I would highly recommend venturing toward the back of the restaurant for room to stretch your legs and a chance to enjoy a more spacious environment to enjoy the company you brought to Sena.

The back “room” is not so much a room as it is an outdoor patio with a fire pit dining experience classier than it sounds. The setting is warm and inviting, reminiscent of a casual but elegant backyard summer dinner party.

Although the restaurant may boast American cuisine, it is perhaps more a fusion of American classics like burgers and buffalo wings as well as Mexican entrees such as the famous fish tacos and ceviche.

Having only been to Sena on Myrtle just once (for now), I can only recommend what I’ve had so far. For those of you who fear eating out due to the strain on your wallet or your dietary plan, the Mediterranean Chicken Bowl is a healthy alternative to the other delicious-sounding but perhaps heavier food items on the menu. At a modest $9, this dinner special is composed of brown rice, grilled chicken, cucumber, kalamata olives and hummus. It was filling, and – don’t be surprised – just as satisfying the next day when I had the leftovers for the lunch.

If you’re looking for a low-key but more “adult” vibe in your next dining place, Sena is worth the trip! At reasonable prices and an uncomplicated, no-nonsense menu, you may soon find yourself recommending Sena to others as well.

To view the menu, photo gallery, and upcoming events at Sena, be sure to check out their website. To read what other people had to say about their Sena experience, click here to read the reviews.

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