Date Ideas for Budding Couples

Hunter Foote  |  Contributing Writer

More often than not at Azusa Pacific, couples do not get a ring by spring. However, budding romances do start to pop up all over campus as the air gets warmer, midterms have died down and study buddies become more than just buddies.

For those students whose coupleship has just started to bloom, here are two date ideas that are perfect for the beginning of summer.

1. Aquarium of the Pacific

The Aquarium of the Pacific, located in Long Beach, is not just for ocean lovers, it be a great date location for college-age students as well. If you love the sea and its creatures, a tour around the aquarium can take about three hours or as little as one if you roam quickly.

The aquarium is open every day of the year except Christmas Day and durring the Grand Prix of Long Beach (April 15-17, 2016). General admission is $29.95 per person, so it is a date that requires romantic and financial commitment, but what better way to show the person you like that you are committed?

Follow an afternoon at the aquarium with a delicious dinner at Le Creperie, also in Long Beach, and try both savory and dessert crepes for the two of you. I recommend the savory Parisian (a chicken crepe), and the Royale for a sweet dessert (Nutella and fresh strawberries).

Address for Le Creperie: 4911 E. Second St., Long Beach, CA 90803

Distance from the Aquarium of the Pacific to Le Creperie: 15 minutes or less.

2. LA Date

For this date, you’ll want to start out in the Los Angeles Flower District. Not only is it a fun photo opportunity, with all the flowers around, but it is also a great way to begin together. Why bring one bouquet when you can take your date to thousands of flowers? Bring cash to this location, as some vendors do not take cards. You’ll also want to go in the morning, on most days the Flower District closes at noon.

Follow up the Flower District with a 10-minute drive to the Last Bookstore. This is a unique and colorful bookstore, that even features an arch completely made of books. This is the perfect way to show your date that you are not only caring, but you love literature too.

Finally, take your date and a picnic over to the Griffith Observatory. Stay for a little while or until it gets dark enough to see the stars and the impressed look on your date’s face after the eventful day.

Address for the Last Bookstore: 453 S. Spring St., Los Angeles, CA 90013

Distance from the LA Flower District to the Last Bookstore: About 10 minutes

Distance from the Last Bookstore to the Griffith Observatory: About 30 minutes

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