SnapChat’s latest update: Understanding the emojis

Chrissie Cheng  |  Art Director

For those of you who loved arranging your “Top 8” on the ancient social media site MySpace and were devastated when SnapChat took away viewing users’ “Best Friends” list, have no fear, because Snapchat brought back an even more sneaky and less-comforting way of seeing who your true friends are: an emoji symbolizing your relationship with said user.

Yes, it’s true – those random emojis next to the usernames on your buddy list mean something. In the latest update, Snapchat put in these emojis to identify whether you and that user are best friends, No. 1 best friends or perhaps both have the same best friend (how daunting). Here’s the lowdown:

The Yellow Heart Emoji: Your each other’s No. 1 best friend, which is definitely a reflection of your real life. Is it even real if it’s not official on Snapchat?

The Smiley Emoji: Mutual best friends. This list of five probably includes Jesus, your roommates and maybe even, if hip enough, your mom.

The Cool Emoji: You have a mutual best friend, also known as “let the games begin for who can become that person’s No. 1 best friend.”

The Smirky Emoji: You’re one of their best friends, but they’re not one of yours. Watch out cause this smells like middle-school drama again.

The Fire Emoji: You two are constantly Snapchatting that you’re on a streak. And you’re probably spending way too much time on Snapchat.

To even further your selfie addiction, SnapChat created a new list of people “who need love” on your buddy list – users you haven’t Snapchatted with in a while.

This update has stirred some controversy as, lo and behold, it creates a popularity contest. Users can see from a mere emoji that their No. 1 snaps more with someone else, or that those they thought they were close with aren’t actually that close.

So kudos to you, Snapchat, for being another social media app that makes us obsessed with using it constantly in hopes of defining who are friends are. That’s true 2015 friendship.

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