Honing Your Home Screen: 6 Free apps for the highly effective millennial

Ashlee Polarek  |  PR Manager

With a wild variety of apps at our fingertips, how do we sort the good from the gimmicky? These

six apps show just how many ways we can use our smartphones for good and how effective they

can make us young people. The best part is that all of these apps are FREE!

1. EasyBib:

About: The well­known online site that makes citation easy just got easier. The EasyBib app lets

you scan books’ barcodes to create citations in seconds. Hold your phone up to a barcode and

cite away. You can select the citation format (APA, Chicago, MLA and more) and email the

completed citation to yourself, or log into your Easybib account to grab the info.

Why it’s great: No more typing endlessly or searching for the right version of the book—the

app takes care of that for you.

2. Todoist:

About: Todoist is an app that helps create organized to­do lists right on your phone. With

different labels, colors and filters, you can create lists that pertain to every aspect of your life,

including meetings, housework, bills and assignments. You even have the option to collaborate

with others on projects, assign tasks to others and comment in the collaboration section. You can

access the app on your mobile device or computer to stay up­to­date and motivated.

Why it’s great: No more remembering at 2 a.m. that you have a four­page paper due tomorrow

morning in class.

3. Your Bank’s App:

About: Most banks have a mobile banking app that allows you to check your balance, transfer

money, track spending or even cash checks via your phone’s camera. Some banks even offer

alert systems so you can track how much you’ve spent over an allotted amount and know when

it’s time to pay a bill.

Why it’s great: Prove that you’re an adult who can take care of your own banking with a

modern twist.

4. Waze:

About: Waze aims to make commutes hassle­free by connecting drivers to real time traffic

updates. The app shows quicker routes to your destination, alerts you of accidents and hazards

and warns you of police sightings. In addition, Waze encourages drivers to update the map with

things they’ve spotted along their way to help other travellers.

Why it’s great: Show up to work and events on time (even in Los Angeles), and prove that

technology makes navigation so much more efficient.

5. GrubHub:

About: GrubHub is the modern equivalent to the Yellow Pages, allowing you to combine your

current location with a keyword and develop a results page of places that serve just what you’re

craving. You can view ratings, order food and track orders directly off the app.

Why it’s great: Easily order food with a click of a button for you and all your friends.

6. News Apps:

About: Stations like NPR, FOX, CNN and BBC offer apps to keep you up­to­date with the

world around you. Track trends in world news, sports, technology, entertainment and more with

a few taps of your finger.

Why it’s great: Skip the cable news commercials and keep yourself informed with easy access

to the latest headlines 24/7.

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