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Ashley Evans  |  Contributing Writer

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a late Wednesday afternoon or an early Saturday morning, the most popular and nearby coffee shops to campus are forever bustling with college students. Although there is a Starbucks on every street corner, for those coffee-snobs (myself included) who try to look for something a little more eclectic or original, it is often impossible to find a decent place to study that still provides a warm and pleasing atmosphere. And of course, one that still offers coffee suitable enough to pass all of our high coffee standards.

Less than 30 minutes away in the quaint downtown of the city of Upland lives a new coffee shop called Rad Coffee Co, and it is the answer to every college student’s prayers. Although it is still under construction, the foundation of this quirky and punk coffee shop foreshadows the aesthetically pleasing and crowd-pleasing coffee shop it will soon be.

With the collection of grunge and rock band posters, skeleton espresso shot glasses, skateboard coffee filtration system and to-go cup skater logo stickers, the overall aesthetic is nothing short of rad. Unlike most coffee shops in the area, Rad has it’s own sense of style and decor that is unlike most coffee shops.

Most importantly, however, is the quality of coffee. For all of us coffee snobs out there, Rad Coffee Co serves Verve coffee which is guaranteed to be good every time. With a wide variety of drinks, whether hot or cold, coffee-based or not, there is an option for everybody to enjoy something. Some of the most unique drinks on the menu, however, include cold brew chocolate milk, Skittles frap and a variety of matcha green tea beverages. For the health-conscious people, Rad Coffee Co even offers hemp milk and organic syrups.

During my visit, I went with the classic but always tasty vanilla latte and it did not disappoint! Choose to be adventurous or stick with routine, either way Rad Coffee Co has your back.

So, rather than fighting the crowds and sacrificing high-quality coffee, make a quick drive down the 210 freeway and find your way to Rad Coffee Co in Upland for a unique and overall satisfying coffee shop experience.

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