From Disney to the ‘Zu Kingdom: If Disney characters went to APU

Chrissie Cheng  |  Art Director


“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your long hair from the third story of Adams.” Living in the dorms of Adams is the perfect place for Rapunzel, especially after being stuck in a tower by herself her whole
life. There’s never a dull moment for Rapunzel as she’s constantly surrounded by her hallmates who share her same interests, from baking cakes to Pinterest c
rafts, to braiding each other’s hair (even though it takes the entire hall to braid Rapunzel’s). No longer in the evil rule of her mother, Rapunzel finally gets to go outdoors and even change up her look by purchasing some birkenstocks and piercing her nose. Life couldn’t be any better for Rapunzel because at last she’s seen the light – the light of the Holy Spirit, of course.

The Lost Boys

Living right across Rapunzel and the rest of Adams hall, the Lost Boys can be heard grunting “Smith Hall!” on both East and West campus. Although it’s their first year away from home, the Lost Boys are still in denial that they’ll ever have to grow up. This results in the Lost Boys wearing goofy costumes, going all out for school functions and spending late nights wrestling or playing video games. While the Lost Boys and their hall can cause quite the ruckus, they never fail to provide a good laugh and to be there when you need them the most.


A knock on the door, and who could it be? Elsa, the R.A. of course. She’s caring, sassy and responsible, making her the perfect person residents can rely on if they’re locked out or dealing with roommate problems. Living by her sister’s motto that “love is an open door,” Elsa hates enforced isolation and can always be found knocking on her residents’ doors with baked goods, inviting them to her court events. She’s always willing to meet new people, invest in relationships and ultimately do life together. She wants what’s best for others and will always tell her residents how it is – like how they shouldn’t marry that person they just met and accept the ring just because it’s spring.


Tarzan just finished his semester studying in High Sierra. As someone who’s never lived a normal life (growing up in the jungle and all), studying in an environment different than the typical college experience suits him perfectly. From rock climbing to kayaking to backpacking, Tarzan had the best time making friends with other students who appreciate the outdoors just as he does. It feels a little strange for Tarzan to be back in the college environment. However he’s kept a little bit of the jungle life with him by keeping his long locks and walking around campus barefoot.

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