Over the Moon about Walk the Moon

Marissa Black  |  Contributing Writer

This Seattle girl had never been to an outdoor theater before.

But there was no threat of rain on October 29th as the Greek theater filled up for the Walk the Moon concert. Only a slightly eerie fall wind blew as the crowd filled in the amphitheater-style venue during openers HOLYCHILD and Saint Motel.

HOLYCHILD was a three person band from L.A. with a strange, sensual vibe to their music that reminded me a bit of an upset cat that got its tail caught in the door—if an upset cat had belly-dancing hips that is.

Saint Motel had a much catchier, keyboard driven vibe to it, bringing everyone to their feet for their saxophone-infused hit single “My Type.”

The sky reflected the cosmic theme of the night, as we witnessed several shooting stars erupt above the stage. A full moon rose over the hills surrounding the theater just as the opening bands finished and Nicholas Petricca of Walk the Moon took the stage.

They sang the hits from their new album “Talking is Hard,” as well as their classics “Tightrope” and “Anna Sun.”

The mood of the songs ranged from the head banging “Up 2 U” to the more thoughtful “Portugal.” At one point, Petricca told all his “beautiful people” to engage in a spiritual act of shedding our burdens and lifting our hands up, calling it a “spiritual initiation.”

For not knowing many of the songs, it was one of the most fun, engaging concerts I’ve been to. I was in a constant state of swaying or dancing along to the catchy alternative rock I’d bought tickets for only days before. A concert is all about the group you go with, and attending with the dorky-dancing kind you’ve known since day one is the best kind.

It felt fitting that “Shut up and Dance with Me,” the song we were most excited for, was their final song as confetti exploded under a starry sky, leaving us feeling like we really could go take a stroll on the moon.

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