Shia LaBeouf watches Shia LaBeouf

Gina Ender  |  Contributing Writer

Everyone has known Shia LaBeouf is his own biggest fan since Rob Cantor’s dramatic song in LeBeouf’s honor, featuring the actor slow clap in the audience to a musical number named after him (link at the bottom).

LaBeouf has gained fans for more than just his acting; people everywhere find watching him watch himself hilarious.

His newest stunt takes place in a New York movie theater. For three days straight, LaBeouf is watching every film he has ever been in from newest to oldest as a “performance art piece” while a camera livestreams him the whole time. Art or not, watching the actor laugh, cry and snack on popcorn is strangely riveting.

Stunts such as this work for LaBeouf because he knows his audience. He knows people will stop what they are doing to see him sit in a movie theater chair and become emotional because of his own work.

For now, stunts such as this are effective because of the situation’s novelty. What kind of actor thinks to watch himself for hours upon end in front of the world? Whatever kind of actor LaBeouf is.

Hopefully the uniqueness with not wear off. I would hate for people to get to the point where Shia LeBeouf’s stunts are not creative or enticing anymore. I want to continue being enticed. As long as he keeps being ridiculous, I’m going to continue watching.


Watch the live stream here:


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