Songs to listen to that aren’t “Where are Ü Now”

Arianna Ruvalcaba  |  Copy Editor

We‘re a little past the midpoint of this semester, which is about the time we forget why we haven’t quit school to become street performers yet. Sometimes music is the only way to soothe the ice-cold burn of a returned bluebook. My advice is to hang in there and take a break for a moment to veg out to something other than “Hotline Bling” parodies or a cappella vines (though both can be highly entertaining). Here are a few tracks that have gotten me through the class days and study nights.

1. “Salvatore” by Lana Del Rey

This song makes me irrationally disappointed at myself for not having a doomed romance with a man named Salvatore. The airy string melodies are reminiscent of a classic Italian ballad, and the vocals are nothing short of beautifully melancholy—as always with Lana Del Rey. It seems as though the languid percussion just barely has the will to continue beating, creating a dejected mood. The perfect time to listen to this song would be while mourning your GPA and saying “ciao amore” to your social life.

2. “Need a Friend” by EL VY

A little more upbeat, this tune is carried by muddy grunge guitar riffs and throaty mutter-singing that’s surprisingly enticing. It’s accompanied by buoyant keyboard melodies that add the perfect amount of fun to juxtapose the depressing lyrics. It will have you bobbing your head without you realizing until mid-song. Listen to this when you find out your one-on-one at the coffee shop is cancelled.

3. “Magnets” by Disclosure featuring Lorde

I cannot get enough of this song. The house/pop hybrid is enough to simultaneously chill you out and pump you up. The futuristic hip-hop rhythms will have you “dancing past the point of no return” to Lorde’s intimate, yet vague vocals. It’s sexy and fun, which is perfect to listen to when you’re getting fancy for a Friday night out with friends. Warning: you might find yourself singing to the mirror and seducing your reflection.

4. “The Beach” by The Neighbourhood

As sweater weather approaches once more, this track provides the sad, gritty alt-rock vibe to set the mood. The subdued percussion and electronic sounds make it seem like the song was recorded underwater. If you’re sick and tired of whatever life’s been throwing at you lately, this song will allow you to wallow in self-pity (with regards for your mental health, of course).

5. “Phoenix” by Kaskade featuring Sasha Sloan

An uplifting ode to reinventing oneself, “Phoenix” is a progressive house track with an addicting chorus and a highly danceable drop. It departs from purely electronic sounds with a heavy reliance on piano arrangements. Like a bird rising from the ashes, listen to this after walking out of class post-test, whether or not you think you did well. It’s over. Go to bed.

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