The man’s guide to a day of pampering

Ashlee Polarek | PR Manager

It’s the season of finals stress, and holiday madness. Between rushing to finish a 20 page paper to making appearances at countless holiday parties, one can become run down and tired. The best way to combat that is a day of self-love and pampering. For women it’s easy to find guides and tips for a fantastic at home spa day, yet for men it’s a bit harder. It’s almost taboo for a man to want to have a spa day. Hyper masculinity makes it so men are expected to live in filth, under car hoods, or in the woods, and to despise anything that sounds remotely ‘girly’. But let’s face the facts, who doesn’t love a good soak in a hot tub and a day full of relaxation. This is a list for all the gentlemen out there who need a day to themselves, who have decided to break the gender norms and say hey “I LIKE SPA DAYS TOO!”, or  for the guys who really just want to smell good and forget about that 150 question exam the totally bombed. So turn on some Frank Sinatra or classical piano radio, draw up a hot tub and get ready to relax… in a manly way of course.

Step one:  The FACE

Lush is home to products that I absolutely adore, from bath bombs to massage bars they have it all. Only a few of their products are particularly feminine but they also have a range specifically for guys. For all you gentleman out there with facial hair Lush has you covered. Pick up Lush’s Kalamazoo Beard and Facial wash. The citrus pineapple in the facewash cleans and refreshes skin, while the almond oil softens and tames beards. Then apply one of their many face masks for your soak in the tub. My personal favorite is Cupcake, the chocolaty facemask is aimed at getting rid of oil and acne and it smells divine. Leave the mask on for about 10 minutes and then wash off with warm water.

Step two: THE BATH

The important part of step two is accepting that it’s okay to take baths. Sure, maybe it’s not super hygienic or great for the drought, but a hot bath every once in a while is super relaxing and good for the soul. When I think of relaxing I reach for Bath & BodyWorks aromatherapy Stress Relief line. The eucalyptus spearmint body wash and bubble soap, smells like stress leaving the body. My friends call it my boyfriend soap because the sent is very masculine. Add a couple of ounces to your warm running bath water to achieve bubbly stress relief.

Step three: Get Comfortable

After you fell adequately relaxed from your bath, or your water turns cold change into your favorite pajamas or sweats. Apply your favorite lotion all over the skin, paying attention to elbows, hands, knees, and heals. It’s important to apply your lotion while still a bit damp or just after you’ve dried off. This way the lotion soaks into your skin and leaves you smooth as a baby’s bum, you’re special someone will be super impressed next time you’re cuddled up on the couch.

Step four: Dinner and Hot Coco

Now’s the time to order some take out maybe a pizza or some Thai food. As long as it’s something you don’t need to clean up or put work into making its good, remember it’s all about pampering and relaxation today.

If you don’t order something to drink make yourself a nice cup of tea or hot coco. For the perfect hot chocolate, heat a mug of milk (about 6 ounces) in the microwave or on the stove until you achieve your preferred warmth. In a bowl mix together one tablespoon of coco powder and two tablespoons of sugar then add this to your hot milk. Pour in a bit of cold milk to cool down your coco and top with whipped cream and mini marshmallows.

Step five: Entertianment 

The last thing on the to do list is to watch a good movie or sit down with a good book. Choose one of your favorites, a recommendation from a friend, or maybe that new Netflix series you’ve been dying to watch.  Some of my personal favorites are:


Peaky Blinders, a BBC show about a family of gangsters set in 1919. (Warning it is rated R)

That 70s Show, because who doesn’t want to binge watch the shenanigans that the gang gets into. The writing is amazing and funny even in today’s twisted world.

Narcos, a show all about Pablo Escobar’s life and the lives of the DEA agents that hunted him. (Warning it’s also rated R)


Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. A gripping futuristic tale, about burning books and a backwards society.

Walden by Henry David Thoreau. The story of the great Thoreau’s life at Walden Pond.

The Book Thief: The story of a refugee learning to read and harboring a Jewish boy during WWII.


If you follow these tips you’re sure to have a wonderful spa day fit for a….king.

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