Bieber’s “Purpose”

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Brianna Rodriguez  |  Contributing Writer

Justin Bieber has made a strong presence this year with the release of his album Purpose.  Purpose is number four on the iTunes top album download list. The album contains music that is not what is typically thought of when Bieber is mentioned, that is until now. It has a style that appeals to a wide range of audience, including ones that did not find interest in his younger music. There are three songs that I believe have escalated Bieber to gain a larger crowd from this album because of the message and style of each song.

The songs are always on the radio and they set the mood to have a reflective yet good day. “Sorry,” What Do You Mean,” and “Love Yourself,” are three songs on the album that made the top ten on the Billboard’s list. Each of these songs talks about different situations in relationships, but Bieber does so in a way that does not become another typical “break up song.”

“Sorry” is a song that contains apologetic lyrics, yet upbeat music that blends well together. When an apology is thought of, sad slow songs seem to accompany the lyrics beautifully. This song does a tremendous job of having the lyrics carry out meaning in a way that does not allow for a gloomy effect. The song can create mixed confused emotions that make you want to go to the left then make you want to turn right. Which brings me to “What Do You Mean.” Bieber writes this song about the difficulties of miscommunication in a relationship. It points out how sometimes a person in a relationship can be unsatisfied with actions by their significant other, yet the situation is never resolved because there is a lack of understanding. The music is less upbeat than “Sorry”, but it has enough tempo to support and empower the lyrics of trying to come to an understanding. Lastly, “Love Yourself” is a final break up type of song. It gets the message across that the relationship is over, but there is no regret. This song is the slowest song of the Billboard’s top Bieber songs. It has an acoustic feel to it and has a relaxing vibe to it. Although it is not fast paced, it still has room for a one two step.

Personally I agree with Billboards selecting these three Beiber songs to make it on the list. Each song is appealing in its own way and does not generate a sad blue emotion. In the overall picture, we have seen Justin Bieber grow up since he first gained fame with his first album “My World 2.0” that was released 2010. Purpose has more of a mature feel to it and seems to have a larger audience attraction than his previous albums.

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