The waitlist you need: Five Apps to help you avoid lines

Brianna Rodriguez  |  Contributing Writer

Waiting in long lines can be exhausting and trying on your patience. With these five apps, there is no need to drain yourself by standing in line for hours to make a purchase that will take no more than two minutes. Whether you’re trying to ditch the long wait or pass the time in an unavoidable queue, here are some apps that will help you avoid the dreaded boredom of standing in line.

  1. Starbucks

StarbucksStarbucks is a popular coffee shop so you can always expect a line, especially when seasonal drinks or special offers are available. The Starbucks app allows customers to order and pay for their drinks without having to wait in line. It also conveniently serves as a GPS locater that displays nearby locations to pick up your drink. The app also keeps track of rewards points that you receive after purchasing your drink.


FandangoFandango is the perfect app to purchase movie tickets wherever you are. This app shows you movie listings and times from theaters in the area. You can either find a theater by typing in the movie you would like to see or by typing in the city and state where you would like to see it. This is convenient because purchasing tickets in advance will assure that you get a seat.


DoordashDoorDash is awesome for those homework-packed days when you refuse to drive anywhere for the outside food you want. DoorDash aims to deliver food to customers in less than 45 minutes. You pay on the app by using a debit or credit card. DoorDash is still looking to expand and incorporate more cities, but as of right now the app has a large coverage area, including Orange County, LA County, San Francisco County and 15 other areas.


GrouponGroupon provides a convenient way to shop for the best deals. You must register a debit or credit card, and after that you are free to explore ways to save. You can include a city where you would like to see deals, and it will show deals in nearby cities as well. Once you purchase a Groupon, you simply take it to the store or restaurant it is for and redeem it.


AA“AA” is a free game that you can download onto your phone to pass time. The game is different from most phone games that are popular today. You have to tap your screen to shoot black lines into a circular black dot that is spinning in the middle of your screen.The dot has sticks positioned in different spots that serve as obstacles and increase the difficulty of landing sticks on the dot without overlapping each other. This is one of those games that you cannot put down until you feel that you have figured out a successful strategy to make it to the next level. It holds your attention so that before you know it, you are at the front of the line to check out. This app does not require an internet connection to play, but you will need a connection to download it.

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