Free museum day in Los Angeles

Camille Frigillana | PR Manager 

On Saturday, January 30, various museums across Southern California offered free admission for they day. The event was organized by SoCal Museums, a group of marketers from different museums in the Los Angeles area. Museums that were apart of this included the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Natural History Museum. At some of these museums, lines wrapped around the block made up of people eager to take advantage of this all day event.

At Descanso Gardens in La Canada, the line was already at a 20 minute wait just an hour after the gardens opened.


Descanso gardens consists of a Large Botanical Garden, the Sturt Haaga Gallery, and the Boddy House. The Erskine Garden was located just outside the Sturt Haaga Gallery, it is a wall consisting of various succulent plants in the shape of a branch.


Most of the art inside the Sturt Haaga Gallery was focused around the theme of the environment and of nature.


A man takes a picture of a display consisting of three stuffed birds. Many visitors studied each piece of art, reading descriptions and examining each piece.


One of the current exhibits in the gallery is “Farewell, Eden,” which contains art that portrays the relationship between the city and nature. This particular artist painted various landscapes on bread clips.


Exposition Park is located in the heart of L.A. and is home to the Natural History Museum, the California Science Center, and the California African American Museum. Visitors can conveniently park in one place and walk between the two museums, like these girls who are seen travelling from the Natural History Museum to the Science Center.


The California Science Center is normally free to the public, how ever it does require a paid ticket for special exhibits such as iMax showings.
One of the exhibits at the science center focused on environmental issues and included interactive displays such as this one. Visitors were encouraged to touch the tiles on the wall and hear the sound that animals they chose made.


Visitors had the chance to walk through a room with large screens on the wall that displayed shots of animals from around the world.


The Science Center is reminiscent of an aquarium with this exhibit that focused on the ocean. Various tanks with different fish and plants filled a vast room and people of all ages crowded around each one to take a peek at the aquatic creatures.


The third museum located in Exposition Park is the California African American Museum. When opened in 1977 this was first home to the Science Center before it turned into the museum it is today in 1984.


Much of the artwork in this museum is a reflection of African American history. Some, like the one depicted above, reflected the issues African Americans have faced throughout history, from slavery to segregation.


Various mediums of art were displayed in the gallery, all of which were done by African American artists.





Many pieces of art were a reflection of African American culture, focusing on things like the African American family and hair care.


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