Valentine’s Day: selfies, social media and LACMA

Rudy Reynoso | Staff Writer 

Valentine’s Day a time to reinforce what is truly important, romance, love, Selfies and Social Media.  

The LACMA Urban Lights exhibit sets the stage for locals and visitors, singles and couples, or even just people passing by to indulge in the art of selfie photos and social media posting.

Urban Lights was created by Chris Burden in 2008, and consists of 202 restored cast iron antique street lamps and it is free to visit.

Navigating around the crowds to get that perfect selfie can be a task all on its own, but that never stops the countless amounts of people looking to create some fresh social media content.

Armed with a full spectrum of equipment ranging from cellphones to professional DSLRs, candid selfie driven adventures have plenty of lighting and space to capture the perfect post.



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Looking up at the sky gives the bright lights the perfect contrast. The Urban Lights exhibit, created by Chris Burden in 2008, consist of 202 restored cast iron antique street lamps and is free to visit.


You don’t have to be high up in the mountains to enjoy the city lights as couples enjoy the view from a short distance; enjoying the beauty of the #UrbanLights and people watching.
You don’t have to be high up in the mountains to enjoy the city lights. This is couple enjoying the beauty of the #UrbanLights and people watching, on valentie’s day 2016.


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Grab a friend, strike a pose and make sure you have someone available to capture the moment; pro tip #1 get low or as Big Sean said it “Drop it to the floor”.


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Couples never run out of options when it comes to selfies, but this classic straight on approach never goes out of style; Welcome to the good life.


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Single? Starting a modeling portfolio? Just need to make it past 100 likes? The #UrbanLights provide studio quality lighting with endless creative possibilities.


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While selfie sticks are a sign of the seasoned selfie veteran, the list of popular destinations banning this photo accessory is growing. As of now the #urbanlights are not on the list, but using common sense and courtesy is highly encouraged while utilizing the selfie stick.


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An unhoused GoPro makes the perfect travel companion for capturing those special moments. Although the GoPro is typically associated with adventure photography it can be used for selfies in lieu of an IPhone.


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Deciding where to post your photos may be the hardest decision of the night, behind choosing where to eat. The options for where to post phots are endless with choices like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and more, choosing just one is difficult. Pro Tip#2 make sure your photos are perfect before moving on to the next angle or pose #pictureperfect.


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The night was young and the weather was seemingly perfect; this young couple couldn’t stop kissing and laughing. Sometimes the key to the perfect shot is candidness, to capture those genuine smiles.


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Through the sea of countless cellphone photographers, this couple takes a higher quality approach to saving the moment.


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Although it was valentine’s day big smiles and group selfies were in abundance throughout the evening. Sometimes friendship is the best realtionship.


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While many took photos with people in them, this photographer chose to go with a landscape, capturing the moment with her IPhone. Pro Tip No.3 composure and framing are key to a quality photo. The rule of thirds is important when taking a photo. #ruleofthirds


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Picture perfect. It took this couple several tries to get a photo they were happy with, completed by a classic foot-pop. Pro Tip No. 4: Patience is a virtue worth developing.


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When a photo cant capture the moment perfectly, some turn to video. A video call connected this couple to distant loved ones, on this special day.


As the evening comes to an end, while the selfies have made their way on to social media, the chocolates have been eaten and flowers have found their place in vases, some places are still open for business, hopefull of last minute customers.

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