Eat: The best places to grab a bite in Seattle

Yasaman Khorsandi || Copy Editor 

Seattle is widely known for its coffee culture and good eateries. The city is bustling with diversity and creativity in the way Seattleites dine. The coffee shops all over town are aesthetically unique and artistic, and are home to some of the best Almond Milk lattes.

According to Conde Nast Traveler website, Seattle is considered to be in the top 10 best food cities in America. In a Washington Post food article, the author explains how Seattle’s location near a large body of water provides an advantage to having great food, especially seafood.

Known as avid and passionate coffee drinkers, Seattleites have a rummored“coffee snob” attitude, they have rightfully earned the title of. TIME magazine ranked Seattle No.2 on their list of best coffee cities in America. Although it’s home to the original Starbucks, located in Pike Place Market, don’t be fooled; Starbucks is not a place that true Seattleites are fond of or frequent.

I had the opportunity to spend a week in Seattle and document all the places I dined. The restaurants and coffee shop experiences were more than simple meals. While the list of places to eat and drink coffee extends far beyond my suggestions, this list is a good place to start if you ever find yourself in Seattle in need of a place to go get your grub on.

No. 1: Bounty Kitchen, Queen Anne district:

Bounty Kitchen
Bounty Kitchen offers local and organically grown food. It resembles the health-conscious Southern California Restaurants, such as Urth Caffe. Bounty Kitchen is located in the heart of Queen Anne, where you will find many shops to walk around and visit.
The salad pictured is called the “Spicy Southern Not-Fried Chicken Salad.” This salad is extremely filling because it has so many hearty, green ingredients including kale, arugula, chili-rubbed grilled chicken breast, red onion, pumpkin seeds, Brussels sprouts and avocado.


Good Morning Sweetheart egg sandwich from Bounty Kitchen. This sandwich is on Ciabatta bread from a local bakery and has sundried tomato puree and a poached egg. Breakfast is served all day here, so it is never too late.


No. 2: MiiR Coffee and Tea, Freemont district: 

This coffee shop and brewery is found in the Fremont district, right by Gas Works Park. MiiR’s theme is drinking coffee while being active outdoors. They sell growlers and canteens to make drinking coffee while being active easier. At MiiR bicycles hang from the walls of the coffee shop, to promote staying active.
MiiR is a great space to sit awhile or do homework. The shop is spacious and is located in Fremont district, which is just minutes from Gas Works Park, one of the best views of the city.

No. 3: Rachel’s Ginger Beer, Capitol Hill district & Pike Place Market:

Commonly known as “RGB”, Rachel’s Ginger Beer is a one of a kind, handcrafted shop, which offers the most unique flavors. The most popular flavors include Blood Orange, Passion Fruit Vanilla, Pink Guava and White Peach. There are two locations: one in the Capitol Hill district and one at Pike Place market.

No. 4: Jai Thai, Freemont District 

Jai Thai is a favorite restaurant of mine that I make sure to visit every time I go to Seattle. The restaurant is located in Fremont, among many other shops and restaurants, which is perfect for walking around. My favorite part about Jai Thai is the optional floor seating, which resembles traditional Thai dining.
Jai Thai is known for their house-made special Chicken Pad Thai that is called “Phad Thai” because they include secret, unique ingredients that make it unlike other Thai restaurants.

No. 5: Mr. D’s Greek Delicacies, Pike Place Market:

This Mr. D’s Greek Delicacies is a must-try at Pike Place Market, it’s located directly across the street from the popular tourist location. Known for their perfectly wrapped gyros that are easy to eat on the go, Mr. D’s offers take-away food perfect for walking around and exploring the market.

No. 6: Elm Coffee, Pioneer Square: 

Hidden gem, Elm Coffee is located near Pioneer Square in the heart of downtown. I love the spacious coffee shop and the amazing breakfast options like the Cheese and sausage Danish and the Chocolate Donut. I would highly recommend this coffee shop. Most people sit and stay awhile, so bring a book and make yourself comfortable.

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