Breathe Deeper

Ashley Evans | Staff Writer

A lot is happening in our lives, in our schools, in our country. Life is passing by in the everyday yet mundane tasks of daily living. Its passing in the to-do lists and never ending errands, in the numerous yeses we make and in the continual responsibilities we take on. It is racing past us each hour we spend on Facebook and in the Netflix shows we binge watch. While it is so easy to consume every second of our time with people to visit, things to do and assignments to complete, it is just as necessary to use the brief time we do have for reflection, for rest, for solitude. It’s not only a spiritual practice but one that our country and our society could greatly benefit from. In the midst of all the noise, the opinions, the complaints and the screams, may we learn to breathe deeper and rest better.

Here are some useful ways to create an environment of peace over hatred, of acceptance over frustration and of a renewed spirit over a disgruntled mind.

1. Journal, alone.


Set aside the phones and laptops, the televisions and speakers and begin to silently get in tune with your emotions, your frustrations, your beliefs or your heartaches. Before you know it, there will be pages upon pages where your heart and soul are poured out onto the very pages in front of you.

2. Explore somewhere new.


Whether you’re an avid hiker or a coffee junkie, hike a new path or try a new coffee shop. Here’s the catch: Bring nothing with you. Leave your phone or your laptop, your to-do lists and your worries. May it be a mini adventure to free your mind and make your own memories—one that can’t be captured on Instagram or shared with friends. You’ll be amazed at how much you didn’t miss out on!

3. Listen to new and soul escaping music.


Today’s top hits will always be there, waiting for you to blast them with your friends and dance the night away. However, sometimes it is good to quietly soothe your mind with music that is calming rather than hyping. This playlist might be a good place to start!

4. Take time to listen to the opinions, thoughts, hurts or joys of somebody else.


We are often quick to blurt out our initial ideas or opinions without ever considering the implications they can have on somebody. Instead of venting on social media, take time to meet up face to face with somebody to have a genuine and beneficial conversation. Rather than formulating an immediate response, take time to just listen.

5. Breathe deeper


Take time to breathe, simply breathe. An act we so often take for granted can actually improve our health and relieve our stress. So start inhaling deeper and exhaling slower, resting and knowing that just by by slowing down and breathing deeper, time might just slow down for a second.

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