Offices With Much to Offer: The resources you need to know about for planning your future

Marissa Black | Staff Writer

As students consider planning for the future, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of offices and resources available. It can seem like there are so many opportunities to take advantage of, but the sheer number and different focuses among the offices can keep students from even attempting to use them. To help, here’s a brief compilation of some offices on and around campus that can help undergraduate students as they prepare for life after college.

Military and Veteran Services Office

Located across the intersection from Segerstrom on East Alosta Ave., this office provides resources for military members and their families, ensuring that students take full advantage of their military benefits, providing ROTC programs and supporting students who seek military involvement.

“We’re trying to replicate that military community here as students,” said Everette Brooks, the Executive Director of the office. The office seeks to serve students of all ages and military connections.

Brooks also advocates that students develop invaluable character traits such as discipline and leadership through the resources provided by the office.

“One of the things about this is that when you get into one of these programs and you go into your civilian work life, you’re acquiring skills that you’re able to use immediately,” Brooks said.

Office of Alumni and Parent Relations

All students who complete their degree at APU are immediately inducted into the APU Alumni Association, managed by the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations.

According to their web page: “Our desire is to continue to serve our alumni and parents by keeping them informed about APU people and events and by inviting them to be active members of the APU community.”

The office conducts various events from homecoming weekend to class reunions, provides on-campus resources like discounted sporting event tickets and library access, and connects alumni through various networks and groups.  Located next to Engstrom lot off East Alosta Ave., alumni are encouraged to visit and receive alumni swag to represent their university.

Center for Career and Calling

Perhaps one of the most obvious connections between students and the future, this office is located across from the office of Orientation and Transition (OAT) lawn near One Stop. This office provides services such as mock interviews in order to prepare students for professional interviews, resume consulting, and various personality tests to help students explore what interests and careers they can pursue after graduation.

“The Center for Career and Calling provides resources, services, and connections to open doors of opportunity as they transition into being alumni,” Executive Director of Career and Alumni Relations Philip Brazell said. “We want to help students articulate what it is they want to do and provide opportunities to network with employers and alumni within those specific industries. We hope that every student will leave APU with a new perspective on their calling, prepared professionally, and connected to people who can provide opportunities to advance in their career.”

Center for Diversity, Equity and Inclusive Excellence.

Located in the Ronald building on East campus, the Center for Diversity, Equity Excellence helps students prepare for the future by establishing a mindset of cultural, racial and self-awareness. Students gain an understanding on how they can relate to those with different experiences from them, a lifelong and necessary skill.

According to their webpage, “Diversity was not just our idea, but God’s. Therefore, we strive to push past political correctness and aim instead for an environment that respects and honors each individual’s uniqueness while celebrating our collective commonalities. It is in this spirit that we continue important discourse on diversity, engage a variety of perspectives, and embrace active listening in a spirit of humility. We continue our efforts to recruit, hire, and support a diverse community in an effort to create a milieu that reflects the mosaic of God’s kingdom.”

University Counseling Center

At the University Counseling Center located in Magnolia Court in the Shire Mods, students can attend stress management workshops, take depression screenings, and sign up for individual, couple or group counseling sessions. The counseling center can help students take care of their future by caring for their present self’s holistic health.

According to the center’s website, “The UCC offers students the opportunity to look at themselves and their environment and to change the way they think, feel, and behave so that they can make the most of their time at APU.”

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