Photo Story: DIY Tangle-Free Headphone Holder

Kara Hinton | Staff Writer

I don’t know about you, but I cannot stand it when my headphones are constantly tangled. I just want to be able to pull my headphones out of the mysterious depths of my backpack, tangle-free.

But you are in luck! Here is a super easy DIY project that keeps your headphones away from being knotted together.

All you need is:

  • Your headphones of choice
  • 2 clothespins
  • Glue or superglue
  • Optional for decoration: Sharpie or paint


Step 1: Grab your 2 clothespins and begin to apply glue to one side of each clothespin.


Step 2: Take the glued sides and stick the clothespins together. IMPORTANT: make sure that the clothespins face opposite directions when gluing together.


Step 3: Hold clothespins tightly together for at least 30 seconds to let the glue dry.


Step 4: After the glue has fully dried, clip one end of your headphones through one of the clothespins.


Step 5: Begin wrapping the headphones through the v-shaped openings of the clothespins in a diagonal direction.


Step 6: Once you reach the other end of your headphones, again, clip the other end to secure the headphones in place. And you’re done!


OPTIONAL: Before Step 4, you could take a Sharpie or any sort of paint and decorate your clothespins. Do not start Step 5 until the decorations are completely dry, as this may lead to some staining on the headphones.

This DIY is perfect when it comes to convenience. The compactness of it can make it easy to put anywhere: backpack, purse, car, pocket!

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