Seniors spill: Class of ‘16 drops knowledge on friendships, extracurriculars and actually going to the hall event

Kara Hinton | Staff Writer

For a handful of students at Azusa Pacific, their very first college semesters are concluding and the finals frenzy has initiated. For a different handful of students, the frenzy is an exciting one: they are nearing the end of their very last college semester as an undergraduate. However, both groups of students have probably heard the saying: “College could be the best or the worst four years of your life.”

It is safe to say that no university has the intention of making college terrible, but it also goes without saying that the university years of life are not easy. So take this advice from two members of the Class of 2016, psychology major Martha Hoang and applied exercise science major Dane Johnson, who’ve already been through it all:

img_4688How do I deal with procrastination?

MH: Make lists and prioritize what you need to get done.” – Martha Hoang, psychology major

DJ: “The best way to avoid procrastination is working on an assignment as soon as it is assigned and continuing to make steady progress on it day by day. Write the due date on your calendar or in your planner so you are reminded to work on it every time you look at your schedule.”

Are extracurriculars “extra”?

MH: “Extracurriculars are something that relieve your mind from stress and help you enter into a state of happiness, where you’re clearing your mind of all of your responsibilities and busyness.”

DJ: “Absolutely participate in extracurriculars! It is through extracurriculars that I met my greatest friends and forged some of my most cherished memories. It is important to know your limit so you don’t overwhelm yourself, which may prevent you from being able to fully enjoy the activities you are involved in.”

Do I really have to pick 2 of the 3: social, school, and sleep?

J: “Develop a circle of friends that will hold you accountable in your studies, relationships, and faith walk, all while having fun. Working ahead of time on assignments will create free time later on that can be devoted to your social life.”

Where can I get that internship/job?

MH: “Check out the career network through APU! Or, ask around and post on social media. You wouldn’t believe the power of networking. I was referred to my current job by my old boss’s wife. Sure, it sounds like you can only get hired if you know the right people, but, that’s not true. It’s about putting yourself out there.”

DJ: “Professors are the greatest resource to use when searching for a job or internship. Develop a relationship with your professors and talk to them about your search for jobs or internships. They may know of possible positions or people to help you in your search.”screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-5-00-33-pm

Should I go to that hall event/football game/dance?

MH: “I’m a huge extrovert. As a photographer, I naturally gravitate towards school events, so I can capture all of the fun moments that would go as unshared memories. With that said, I highly recommend all of the school events—they’re what you make it. So, if you’re looking for a fun event, take the initiative and make it fun! The first step, though, is attending the event.”

DJ: “You should try to do as many school events as possible. Being involved in the school events allows you to meet new people, have lots of fun, and experience new things. Do not be afraid to expand your comfort zone because you may find a new activity you love to do.”

Am I too busy for friends?

MH: “Relationships are edifying and a big part of who we are – we’re wired for relationship. With that said, I would say that making time for the friendships that you really want to pursue is huge. It’s in those relationships that you find out more about who you are and who God is. I would encourage you to seek out time with friends while doing schoolwork—maybe even a library date!”

“Developing friendships and relationships with others is the most important thing. God created us to live in community, and the APU community is the best that I have ever been apart of. You will find the nicest, happiest, and most genuine people here. Developing those friendships and investing in those relationships create a community of trust, support, and accountability to help you navigate through life and college.” -Johnson

Do I even need to sleep?

MH: “If I could emphasize this more, I would. I think REST is something that our Western culture doesn’t engage in. We find ourselves constantly adding to our calendars and to-do lists (I’m guilty of this). But, sleep is important and naps are even more important. Treat yo self.”

DJ: “It is very important to understand when you are exhausted and in need of a power nap or some “me time.” College life can be hectic, and sleep and alone time are often the first things to be sacrificed. Taking a power nap or having “me time” can be very beneficial in refreshing yourself and recharging your batteries. Praying or reading the Bible is a great thing to do during “me time.”

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